Monday, October 17, 2011

LeapFrog "Learn, Create, Share" Mommy Party!

I was so super excited to be picked to host a Leap Frog "Learn, Create, Share" party for my friends and family. When the box came it was loaded with goodies! I wasn't even expecting everything that came! The party kit included:

  • 1 LeapPad learning tablet pre-loaded with Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Ultra eBook, Roly Poly Picnic game and Letter Factory video plus Art Studio, Story Studio and Pet Pad Apps
  • LeapSchool Reading Cartridge game
  • LeapFrog App Center Download Card
  • 1 Tag Reading System with audio pre-loaded for the included
  • Interactive World Map
  • Learn to Read Series 1: Short Vowels
  •  LeapFrog coloring sheets and activities to share along with high value coupons 
So we held our party last week and it was a blast! The day before the party the kids and I pulled out all our new toys and started exploring! My daughter who is 3 almost 4 loved the LeapPad. In fact she has played with it every day since we got it! I was surprised that she even shared it at the party! I had to buy a case because she wants to carry it with her everywhere she goes. She especially loves the Letter Factory video and the art studio. It's perfect for kids learning their letters, colors and numbers! My son loved the interactive Cars 2 game and I loved just about everything. In fact I was jealous! My kids have a tablet and I don't even have one! Instead of them wanting to play with my tablet it's me wanting to play with their tablet! LOL

As for the party I was so excited that there were multiple toys to play with. The kids loved the tag pen and the interactive map. Our first grade friend loved pointing out the countries she knew and then learning more about them. The 2 year olds loved tapping in the books, especially the sample book because it had Spiderman in it! I know the Tag pen is recommended for 4 and up but even a two year old can use it with minor assistance! The parents loved them all! Their only concern was the little ones being too rough with the Leap Pad and breaking it. I had a harder time getting it back from the parents than from the kids because it was just so much interactive fun! I know at least two parents who were super excited to get the coupons because they are planning on purchasing a LeapPad for their own children! I personally have already purchased a case and a game from Amazon! =)

Check out the pictures of all the fun we had:

Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products and coupons in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions expressed here as a result.

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