Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to keep your #family #cold and #flu free! #lysolcoldandflu

Of course keeping your family cold and flu free is impossible. Everyone that has kids in school knows this. My kids actually just got a cold this past week and we did all the tips that I'm going to list below. However, other friends of my kids have been sick at least two or three times since school started. So what's the trick? The difference between those kids and my kids are a few simple steps. You may not be able to keep your child completely cold or flu free but there are some steps you can take to prevent them from spending this whole season sick. (And yes I do know some families that do spend the whole season sick)!

My number one tip for keeping kids healthy is giving them a multivitamin. As a matter of fact as soon as my kids started daycare early this year, they got a cold. I took them to the doctor and she asked what had changed. I told her they had just started daycare. She then asked if they were on vitamins. I told her no. Then she went on to explain that a daily multivitamin can help give them the nutrients and minerals they need to boost their immune systems and fight off germs. There's no excuse to take vitamins in this day and age. I remember we used to take those chalky Flinstone vitamins growing up. Well now they have yummy gummy vitamins that make kids think they are eating candy. As a matter of fact my kids used to call them candy!

My second tip is to wash hands. Now on this one I'm a little obsessive. I wash my hands all the time. I also have to carry around lotion because they are always so dry. So of course I've passed this down to my kids. Yet, it wasn't until school that they learned the real, proper way to wash hands on their own. They even have a little song they sing, "Tops and bottoms, Tops and bottoms, in between, in between, rub them all around, rub them all around, now they're clean, now they're clean". Of course this is sung to that song, "where is thumbkin". My daughter loves it!

My final tip for fending off the flu and cold germs is one that I don't always follow. Oops! Keep your kids at home when they aren't feeling well. Now this one is easier said than done. If you're working it's almost impossible to keep your kids home if they have a simple cold, cough and runny nose. Even if you don't work it's sometimes impossible to keep your kids home. When my kids are in school it's the only time that I can schedule my doctor appointments and other activities! However, when you send your kids to school sick, they accidentally spread the germs to other kids. I mean, it's not like you can quarantine them at school. Even if you tried, their friends would still come over and play with them! As a matter of fact, my son's daycare teacher just asked me if I minded keeping him home on Friday because he has had such a terrible cough and runny nose. Luckily, I was planning on doing that anyways and had fixed my schedule so I could keep him home!

Now I know lots of these are easier said than done. I also know there are plenty more that can be added to the list but I would be writing all day long and most of them you guys already know. I would love to hear what other moms have as tips, especially the unusual using those sinus cleansing things...okay maybe not unusual but scary to me...LOL. So feel free to leave me a comment letting me know how you keep your family cold and flu free!!

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  1. I kept my son home one day because he was coughing a lot. He didn't have a fever, just some post nasal drip from the tail end of a cold. I put in the note that I kept him home because I felt that his coughing would be too disruptive. I hope she appreciated my efforts!

  2. So true... keeping kids home is so important but so hard to do! And I like the multi-vitamin. What age did you start your kids on them?

  3. It's very important to keep kids at home. I use to leave it up to the parents, to decide how bad the cold was. Now I turn them around at the door. When your kids have a fever, cough every 5 seconds and throw up outside the door, don't try to leave them at daycare/school for the day.


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