Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#Grease is coming to #Xbox #Kinect 360!

I loved the movie Grease! I used to watch it all the time and try to do the dances! It's been a good 8 years since I last really sat down and watched the movie but when I saw that Xbox Kinect was coming out with a game version all the old songs came back: "Beauty School Dropout", "You're the one that I want" and  of course "Greased Lightining"! I can't wait to play it! It comes out next week on October 25 to stores nationwide. Here's a little bit more about the game:

  • SING!: The game features 15 song compositions from the original film and 5 bonus classic rock ‘n’ roll tracks.
  • DANCE!: Hours of fun with rock ‘n’ roll routines from the movie, including duet choreography and freestyle sections where players can express their individuality and dance for increased points.
  • GAMEPLAY MODES: Game includes Dance Mode and Karaoke Mode with both featuring versus and co-operative play.  
  • COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY: Up to eight-players can compete in Party Mode -- two teams of four players consisting of 2 dancers and 2 singers at any one time.

I'm really excited about the gameplay mode. This would be perfect for game night with your friends. You can team up as couples and strut your stuff! And the graphics look just like scenes from the movie! Check out this trailer I found on you tube:

So don't forget: this game will be in stores for the Xbox Kinect 360 and the PlayStation®Move for PlayStation®3 starting next week on October 25th! It will make a great Christmas gift! =)


  1. Oh that looks like fun! I love the music from Grease!

  2. I swear everyone is always excited about Grease and I'm clueless. I need to watch it one day


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