Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Forecast for #SundayFootball

I'm a Carolina Panthers fan and my husband is a Chicago Bears fan. Every two years the Panthers pay the Bears (unfortunately the past three times my husband has been deployed) and I love to watch the game. My husband sent my daughter this Jersey (Julius Peppers who used to play for the Panthers now plays for the Bears) and I think her face is showing us exactly how my husband is going to feel when the Bears lose! HEHEHE!


  1. Haha... too cute! My husband and I cheer for all the same teams. But I think life would be much more interesting if we didn'!

  2. That is just adorable! We cheer for the Saints, since my husband works in LA, but I'm a college football fan at heart - Roll Tide!

  3. lol look at that awful face. :( She's still adorable!


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