Saturday, September 24, 2011

Will my son be a #boyscout??

This post brought to you by Boy Scouts of America. All opinions are 100% mine.

Right now most of you know that I have a 3 year old girl and a two year old boy that are super active. There Dad is deployed right now so I try to keep them as occupied as possible. With my daughter that's really simple. With my son, not quite as easy. There's only so much he is able to do. My mom suggested something that I hadn't even thought of yet: The Boy Scouts of America.

So that got me thinking about what I knew about the boy scouts. I can remember being a girl scout and loving it. Just like my daughter, I had a younger brother and since I was a girl scout, he became a boy scout. I remember attending his meetings at this really big church. I remember the those little cars they would make and race, I can't remember what they were called but I can remember watching my Dad and brother making them and actually attending one of the races and watching him win. I can remember all his little badges that he would win and all the great friends he met and still hangs out with now. I also remember being proud of him and cheering at his ceremonies when he moved up to the next level or got a new badge. This is all the things that I would want for my own son.

As I mentioned before Boy Scouting is great for building friendships. When your son starts school each year he will have the extra confidence knowing that there are going to be other boys he knows at his school. Being healthy is no longer an option. Boy Scouts are so active with camping, volunteering, building things, that it is easy to stay healthy. Another latest addition to Boy Scouts is how they are now bringing more technology and science into the scouting experience. They even have a new curriculum called STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math where boys can earn badges in each of those areas. Last but not least, Boy scouting brings together the family and helps boys become a part of a newer and bigger family of friends. You meet new people and learn to work with them and love them as if they were a part of your own family.

Unfortunately, my son is still too young to be a boy scout. Will he become one when he gets old enough? You better believe it! If you have a son and want to learn more then check out how to Be A Scout .



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  1. My boys will be attending their first boy scout (Tiger Cub) meeting on Monday! They are super excited!

  2. Mine too! He's super excited to be a Tiger Cub. Monday is rockets and ice cream - what a great way to kick off scouting.

  3. My first grader just expressed interested in joining Boy scouts! I want to talk to him more about it before committing

  4. I was a girl scout and hope my daughter will be interested. They teach you a lot of great skills.


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