Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TracFone for keeping in touch with the kids!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ok so I heard something that was a little bit disturbing to me. Kids are allowed to have cell phones in school (even in elementary school) around here but can only use them in case of emergency. Whatever happened to using the school office phone? The school I worked at actually had a separate phone that we could control (dialing numbers) for the kids to use. I mean do you really expect the kids to just use the phone for emergencies and no texting or playing games?

Well I guess if you have to let your kid have a phone, the best plans to go for are ones that don't have contracts. TracFone is one of the cheapest way to have a cell phone. There are no contracts, no credit checks, no activation charges or cancelation fees. No surprises! And you can get whatever type of phone you like. A "candy bar" phone as they call it would be perfect for emergency situations. You wouldn't have to add in any of the extra features, although there are So many features to choose from. But, back to the point, if the phone is for emergencies only then the kids don't need all those fun features. And get this, you can get those phones for under $10! Perfect!

I'm sure you want to know what Real TracFone customers think. I mean when you have a phone company with monthly plans where you can pay as you go online or by purchasing a card in the store you have full flexibility and control. Or there are double your minutes for the lifetime of the phone plans that cost less than $30 a month (plus the $19.99 double the minutes option which does come included in some phone purchases)!


Finally, don't forget about this important feature: the ability to call internationally for the same price of calling in state! This is perfect for kids who decide to study abroad which can happen in high school or college. I know I would have loved this option when I studied in Spain! I'm not sure if Spain is included in the list of countries you can call but I do know that Canada and Mexico are! Now if that doesn't make up your mind you can always listen to those Real TracFone customers and get a REAL opinion of the phones!

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  1. For families on a tight budget I recommend you going on the Tracfone website and take advantage of the free phones that are often given away provided you buy a $19.99/90 days/60 minute plan. The service works out to $7/ month and you can get these free phones with their plans delivered free to your door provided you purchase is equal to or more than $19.99.
    The Tracfone value plan is also dirt cheap and unbeatable in value - $27.96/month for a family of 4.


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