Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time for a new Travel Mug?

When it starts to get cold I like to have coffee to drink in the mornings. That used to be no problem. Now I have two kids in preschool and it's starting to become a hassle. I fix my coffee, put it in a mug, and then forget to take it with me! By the time I get back home it's not worth heating up or I just don't feel like drinking it. Now, before I become a mommy I was a school counselor. I had to be at work early in the morning so I always had a travel mug. Well, it's been three years since I last worked and I still have the same old mug! Granted, it's from Starbucks and I love the mug but it's really time for a new one.

So what am I looking for? I want a spill proof cup! Not one that just says it's spill proof but one that actually works. As you can see mine is spill proof when the lid is closed. However, it's a task to tell two kids to be quiet and to remember to open and close the lid when I want to drink. There have been many times that I have just picked it up and spilled it on myself thinking the lid was closed. I need something that is "dummy proof" so to speak.

I grabbed the crew (my two little helpers who really didn't want to go out in the rain) and headed to Target. Normally I love shopping at Target but I should have figured that the downpour that started was a bad omen. It wasn't going to be a good trip. When we get to Target, they had just opened an hour earlier so there weren't many people there. This is usually my favorite time to shop. There is a Starbucks in the store (they didn't want me to take a picture...bad omen #1) and I was planning on stopping there after I bought my mug. Off I headed to look for mugs. Now this was a super hard task with two kids who didn't want to be with me. And to make it worse there were tons of employees around who either didn't try to help or didn't know what they were talking about. One guy who did offer to help led me to the camping area where there were mostly thermoses. I later found the travel mugs right around the corner from where he was working! (Bad Omen #2) DUH! (I was going to take a picture of him and where the mugs were but he was gone)

As for the mug selection: it wasn't too bad. As for the prices: AWFUL! The cheapest mug was $10! And the shelves were terrible! All the mugs were mixed up. None were lined up with the right prices or anything. So when I finally found a mug that I would consider buying (it looked nice and leak proof with a cool click top lid) I had no idea how much it cost! When I got in line I was shocked to see the mug was $18.99! WHAT! I would never pay that much for a mug. If this wasn't an assignment I would have told the cashier to forget it! Instead I took it and my screaming son (who wanted candy...ARGH) and went home.

So how do I like my mug. Well, it's super cool. It is leak proof. I turned it upside down (I left the tags on because you better believe I was going to take it back if it leaked) and nothing came out. The cool little click button made drinking super easy and I love that it was stainless steel inside. It should keep my drinks hot all the way to daycare and probably back home again! Woo-hoo! So there was a little silver lining in my trip. Will I be purchasing my next mug from Target? I highly doubt it! I'm a frugal shopper and this was way out of my range. However, if you want something high tech and classy hit up your Target! And if you REALLY want to know how my shopping experience went then check out my This Moment below (if you can't see it below then please click HERE):

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. Ha! That sounds like a lot of shopping trips I have taken. I know I wouldn't have spent that much for a mug because I am frugal too.

  2. I'm glad you were successful after that trip... haha! I've had to try several travel mugs before finding one that was good for me, too! But, yeah... wow.... pricey mug!


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