Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Kidz Bop 20

My daughter has started preschool and we're all excited. Unfortunately her preschool is about 20 minutes away. I like to listen to morning talk shows but my daughter protests. One day she saw the kidz Bop commercial on TV (one that she always dances to) and says, "I want that in car". So of course I contacted Kidz Bop explained my situation and they were kind enough to send us a CD to review.

Now if you don't know about Kidz Bop here's a crash course. It's a CD full of top 40 songs performed by kids. As a parent, I love to listen to the radio. However, I've noticed that more and more songs aren't appropriate for children to listen to and it's a pain to flip from one station to another. Kidz bop handles this by taking some of those popular songs, rewording them a little bit and letting kids sing them. For my kids, they can't tell the difference. And they love that kids are doing the singing!

The latest edition of the CDs is Kidz Bop 20! Yes! They are up to number 20! Here's the track list with links to samples):
  • 10.More
  • My Take: So when the CD comes in the mail my kids are thrilled. However, I decide to make them wait until right before school starts to hear the songs. Sadly, my daughter honestly thought the CD was actually a DVD and that she could through it into the DVD player and dance and sing like the kids. It was a little hard to explain to her that it was only music to sing to however she finally got the idea when I put it in the car CD player. Since this time I have learned that Kidz Bop has a Wii game where the kids can dance and sing. (I'm personally hoping that they will get a Kinect one soon. We would be the first to buy it)! 
    How did the car ride go the first time I put in the CD? Well, the kids were quiet but they didn't really seem interested. So I kept playing the CD whenever we were in the car. Still no response. Finally, I just gave up playing it. Then one morning we get in the car to go to hourly care and my daughter says, "I no hear your music. I want my music". She wanted to hear the CD! NOW they demand it every time we get in the car. I've even noticed them singing along! Their favorite track is "Written in the Stars". The love the "oh" parts...LOL
    As a parent, I love this CD. No more worrying about what my kids are listening to. I even compared the songs to the radio versions and loved how they change the words around. For example, "The Lazy Song". There is a part about relations that I wouldn't really want my kids to sing. So instead Kidz Bop changes the words to something about texting. I love it. It's still hip and modern without exposing them to unnecessary language. The only thing I didn't like, and this is probably due to legal issues, is on the CD sleeve it doesn't tell you the original artists. Some of the songs I had heard on the radio but didn't know who sung them. I had to look it up. Ok yeah, lazy mom but it would help! =)

    Buy it: Kidz Bop 20 can be purchased online for $13.98 plus S/H. (Actually it's a special offer where you get two for the price of one)! Or you can download it from iTunes for $12.99. And be sure to check out There are ton of interactive programs and information that older kids would LOVE.  Some of the videos can also be found on youtube. I've included one for you to watch. Don't be surprised if your kids get up to dance with you! =)
    Disclosure: This CD was provided to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.


  1. Yes, as a mom of teenagers who listen to the "real" versions there are some things in some of those lyrics I still don't want them to hear. I wish my kids were still ready for Kidzbop.


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