Monday, September 5, 2011

Motivation Monday!

OK so I'm having one of those weeks. First, I wrote this whole post up last night, set it to publish and woke up this morning and it was gone! Second, I tried to write the post about an hour ago and the image wouldn't come up and I couldn't type anything! I guess it's just going along with the past two weeks I have been having! I just can't seem to get motivated!

So how did I lose my motivation? I went on vacation to visit my mom. The plan was to hit the greenway (river walk) and at least jog and walk everyday. Just didn't happen! I just didn't make myself do it! Who knows why? Then I came back home last week and was super busy catching back up with life that I still didn't work out. Yes, shame on me. I'm a loser.

So how do you get your motivation back? Someone please tell me. I feel awful and I know that once I start working out again I will feel great! I actually have started back with my healthy eating. Granola and yogurt this morning and then a reasonable dinner tonight. So at least I have started somewhere. If I can get the kids to take a nap then I will force myself to get on the treadmill. I just don't have any energy.

And on that note...does anyone know of any energy supplements? I really think I need to add one to my daily regimen. I take probiotics and they are awesome but they aren't giving me energy and that's something I really need. I would love any suggestions! And hopefully next week I will have a more positive post to share!

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  1. Oh i was just wondering how you were doing with all of that .. i finally got my motivation back so i'm ready to go. We should start another challenge .. would that help the motivation? :) lol


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