Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making #NutritionPossible with Centrum Pro Nutrients

Once again I'm trying to get back on a health kick and it's actually working pretty well. I've started working out (sporadically) and eating better. On top of all of that I even started adding some supplements and vitamins to my daily regimen. Recently I started taking probiotics and it's really helped out my digestive system. However, I'm still having problems with energy. My brother suggested that I start taking fish oils. He said that even though they are for vision and heart health that he also noticed that he had more energy after taking them. I really wanted to try Fish oils but I've heard all the negative stuff about how they make you have fish burps! I'm not a real big fish fan so I decided to just skip that!

UNTIL...I got picked to try out Centrum's new Pro Nutrient supplements. They have three different kinds: probiotics, fruit and veggie and Omega 3. I'm already taking a probiotic so scratch that off the list. I'm pretty good with eating my fruits and veggies so another strike. That leaves the Omega 3 and that is exactly what is found in fish oil supplements! Perfect! Now time to go buy it!

First, I made my list, which usually includes finding coupons. Lucky me, there are two awesome Centrum coupons out now that will get you $3 off any Centrum product! You can head to the Centrum Pro Nutrients page, learn more about the supplement that is best for you and print one coupon. Then you can head on over to the Centrum facebook page and print off another coupon. So I took my one coupon and headed out. Luckily the kids were in school so it was just me.

I made a huge mistake when I started my shopping. I went in on the wrong side. I couldn't just cross over to the supplement section, I had to browse all of walmart, which included me picking up a few more items and checking out some other great Halloween ideas! oops!

Finally I'm greeted with the Centrum Pro Nutrients endcap, which included an awesome video. I actually stood there and watched it as I read over the Omega 3 package. Yes, I'm a label reader. I must say the first thing that caught my eyes was the word "minigels". I have the worse time swallowing pills so the smaller it is the better for me. Then I love the little pictures that tell you what this supplement helps with: heart, brain and vision. Perfect! The only thing I didn't like was the $18 price tag, at least I had the coupon. I did get a surprise when I checked out. The Centrum Pro Nutrients only rang up for $10! Awesome! With the coupon it was about $7 for 50 tablets.

Now I've added these supplements to the others I already take which include the probiotics, an energy supplement and a supplement for hair and nails. It's only been three days so I haven't noticed a difference yet but I can't wait to see how well these will work for me. If you want to see my whole shopping experience then check out my this moment shop below:

So final results: Did it work for me? I must say the minigels didn't turn out to be as cool as I thought. They were actually hard for me to swallow. I did like that there was no taste and no fish burps though. I also don't like that I have to take 2 instead of one a day. It just adds more pills to my daily regimen. Other than that it's only been about three days so I haven't noticed a difference yet. I can't wait to see how they really work.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. It's a bummer that you found them hard to swallow, I was hoping they would be easier! But I do like less pills a day!


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