Monday, September 5, 2011

Cooling off with Chunk o' #Fruti Frozen Fruit Bars!

My neighbor and I decided to have a small pre-labor day cookout yesterday. We both chipped in on making a yummy menu and then we couldn't decide what to make for dessert. I found this healthy little snack for kids in a magazine but I would have to buy multiple ingredients to make it so we skipped out on that one. Lucky me I was chosen by Collective Bias to do a shop for a healthy snack/dessert for kids.

So what was I tasked to get? Chunk o' Fruti Frozen Fruit bars! Honestly, I had never heard of them but when I heard healthy I knew it was exactly what I needed to get. I was tired of making cupcakes and cakes for dessert. It was time to try something new. Personally, I was a little skeptical about getting
"popsicles". I mean, they always say they are healthy and made with "real" fruit juice but then when you read the box it's a totally different store. They are full of other artificial flavors and preserves, or even worse, things I can't even say! Or they are really watered down and lack flavor.

We went to Sam's Club to make our purchase. I must admit I wasn't too thrilled about shopping on a holiday weekend but we went early and the lines weren't bad. When we found the Fruti bars I realized why I had never seen them before. I was too busy buying all the unhealthy choices around them. Also when it comes to healthy snacks I never start with anything cold (unless it's fresh fruit) so I normally skip this section. Boy was I missing out. You can check out my Thismoment story for the entire shopping experience.

We barely made it into the door before my son had ripped open the box. I had to make him wait until dessert time that evening. Meanwhile I looked at the nutrition label on the box to see what was in it. Yes, I'm a label reader and proud of it...LOL. I must admit I wasn't too happy with what I saw. The bars didn't have many calories but they were full of sugar! In fact sugar was listed in the ingredients twice and they were one of the first four ingredients! It also had something called natural stabilizers which was a fancy way of hiding some words I didn't understand (guar gum, carob bean gum, and carrageenan). All but one of the bars was fat free and all were gluten and cholesterol free so that made me feel a little better.

Now for the taste! The kids loved them. It was way better than giving them ice cream! I mean just look at the happy faces (and sticky hands) in the pictures!

Is this a snack I would choose to give my kids again? Honestly, I'm not sure. I tried one for myself and they tasted amazing. It was honestly like little pieces of frozen fruit in a bar and they were super juicy and full of flavor. Now that I've said that, I'm pretty sure that for the price and the taste this treat ranks in higher on the healthy meter choices than most of my other choices. So if you want to try them out, just hit up your local sam's Club and pick you up a pack or two. They were less than $9 for 16 bars at my store! =)

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions expressed are my own,


  1. Totally agree! I think they were fab! Even though only one of mine liked it, I would definitely buy it again. He'll grow into ...Lol

    Oh..and I love the pic with all three kiddos nummin on some fruit bars...Love it!

  2. They are totally cute and those look fantastic! I'll have to check them out when we hit Sams next!


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