Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Purina Pet Care

I know most of the time the products on my blog are dedicated to my kids. Well, there's one kid that I always leave out and like to spoil sometimes and that's my dog Dusty!

Now although Dusty is a spoiled 75lb. house dog it doesn't mean that he's a perfect angel. Being a house dog he does tend to make a bigger mess than the children. That's where Purina's new line of Pet Gear comes in handy! There are three new products by the oneCARE Company, under Purina® license, designed to make a new pet’s homecoming easier and to make caring for your puppy more rewarding. Dusty is no longer a puppy but I did find that these products help for those little "uh-ohs" that a young dog can sometimes have. 

The first product is the new Purina® Pet Gear Ultra Dry Training Pads featuring an exclusive DryStep™ cover designed to prevent leaks and paw prints from tracking through the house. The pad features an innovative top layer that contains thousands of microfunnels to quickly channel liquid into the middle, where it’s rapidly absorbed and locked away, preventing it from coming back to the surface, even as dogs walk across. The leak-proof backing also protects floors and carpets. The pads are available in 10-count, 20-count and 40-count and come in an easy-to-store box for convenient dispensing. Instead of using these for Dusty we opted to give them to my mom who is trying to house train her little dog. Did they work? The verdict is still out. As we all know, house training a dog isn't that easy of a job. It's like potty training your kid!!

The second product is the Purina® Pet Gear Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator for carpet and upholstery. The superior new cleaning agent thoroughly removes pet stains and the odors that lead puppies back to the same spots, all without damaging carpet or furniture. The proprietary pro-enzyme formula is a blend of six enzymes that break down stains and eliminate odors naturally. Now this is one we have used quite a few times. My dog doesn't have potty problems but he does have problems with scarfing down his food and then spitting it all back up. This spray worked great for removing the smell. On a side not it also works great for a potty training son who sometimes goes "uh-oh" on your floor. It's a great deterrent for Dusty who looks like he's going to mark his territory every time my son misses the potty!

Finally, the last product is Purina Pet Gear pet hair roller (sorry I don't have a pic. I keep it in the car...hehe). Now this is a life saver for us. When I take Dusty to the vet he has to sit in the front seat of the SUV because the car seats take up the back seat. However, when he gets out I could make a pillow of all the dog hair he leaves behind! It's crazy the way that dog sheds. This sticky adhesive roller is great at picking up the dog hair. I actually just leave it in my car. LOL. 

Now who would like to win a Purina Pet Care Kit of their own? You will get the same three products that I received. A perfect gift for a new puppy owner or for you if you just got a new puppy. This giveaway will begin on August 24 and end on September 7. It is open to the US only. Fill out the simple rafflecopter form to enter! Good Luck!

Disclosure: These products were given to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. My puppy is Jacob, he's a min-pin!

  2. Not a puppy, but an indoor dog. And, with my 2 young siblings in the house I am always cleaning so they don't come in contact with any bad stuff.

  3. I have a lab puppy. His name is Copper.

  4. We have a puppy "Sonnie"


  5. I have 2 - Maddie and Mollie :)

  6. My puppers name is Ginger and she is a 7 year old Golden Retriever.

  7. I have a chihuahua terrier named Chiquita!

  8. My puppy's name is Blondie

  9. I don't have a pet so I would give this to my friend Victor for his lil doggy "gracie"


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