Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable LED light

I live in a new development and for some reason, whenever there is a bad storm the power goes out. It never fails. Now I was a big time candle lover so I have tons of candles around, yet now that I have kids, I can't always use those candles. It's too much of a hazard. You never know when one of them is going to accidently knock over a candle and get burned. That's why we switched to flashlights. But then we ran into the problem of the kids playing with the flashlights and the batteries being dead when we actually needed them!

Now I've found the perfect solution. It's the Energizer® Weatheready® Compact Rechargeable LED Light. This extensive flashlight line is designed to provide extended runtimes so your family has light where and when it is needed most. This light features: 

  •   Three bright white LEDs
  • Recharges hundreds of times with embedded NiMH battery
  • Turns on when the power goes out
  • 2 mode slide switch, high & Low
My Take: Of course the day after I get this light in the mail we have a major storm. And like clock work the lights go out. Luckily I had already plugged in the light to see how it worked. I love that it's so light weight and compact. It fits nicely into your hand (unlike bulky and heavy mag-lites). It's a nice bright white color so even if the lights are out and you can't remember where this flashlight is, it's easier to see. BUT you shouldn't have to worry about that. We always keep ours plugged into the outlet in the kitchen. The best part is, if your lights go out, the light comes on. You never have to search for a flashlight again. And you can even use it in the kid's room. It has a nightlight option. Perfect for my family! 

In addition here are some important tips to remember:

The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) recommends the following items for an emergency preparedness kit. Keep these items together in a safe location for access in case of storm damage. 

  • Water: According to FEMA, each person should have a supply of one gallon of water per day for three days, as a normally active person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking, in addition to cooking and sanitation.
  • Nonperishable food and a manual can opener
  • Antibacterial Hand Wipes for when soap and water are not available.
  • One change of clothing and footwear per person; toys and books for children
  • One blanket or sleeping bag per person
  • A first aid kit, including necessary prescription medications and eyeglasses
  • Pictures of family members and pets, in the event of separation
  • Pet care items
  • Extra set of car keys
  • Vehicle fuel tanks filled
  • Credit card or cash
  • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members
“An emergency power kit along with other essentials can help ensure the comfort and safety of families throughout the country in severe weather situations,” said Jim Olsen, vice president of marketing for Energizer North America.  “We are reminding families to be prepared for power outages by putting together their own backup power kits to ensure they are always prepared for blackouts due to severe weather situations.”

In addition to a backup power kit and emergency supplies keep copies of important medical records, insurance documents and personal family papers easily accessible.  

Buy it: The Energizer WeatherReady Rechargable LED light can be purchased for the MSRP of $15.99. 

Win it: One lucky reader is going to win their very own light! This giveaway will begin on August 27 and end on September 10. It is open to the US only. Just fill out the simple rafflecopter form to enter! Good Luck! 

Disclosure: This review and giveaway item was provided at no charge in exchange for an honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. We've lost power five times this year the longest was due to an ice storm, for five days. The most recent was for three days in 90+ temperatures. I still cant decide which was the worst!

  2. We get power outages a couple of time in the winter here in Denver. Back home (where this prize would go to my son in Galveston, TX)...holy moly...I don't know how many times per year!
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  3. I think around 5 times this year.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  4. We lose power all the time. Really need to invest in a generator.

  5. We have lost power about 15 times so far this year!

  6. well, they have been working on the lines in our neighborhood, so 3-4 times for that, and then storms, so 3-4 times for that! steph at

  7. Only once so far!

  8. I think our power has gone out 3-5 times. Not too bad.

  9. This happens at least twice a month at my house.

  10. we haven't lost our power yet this year, luckily!

  11. Only once so far

  12. We have lost power about 15 times this year. It doesn't even have to be bad weather and our power has been going off. It's crazy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

  13. luckily just once.

  14. Only one time but briefly, thank goodness

  15. I think only once for a very brief time.. luckily

  16. Wow. Well Summer In FL & All The Afternoon Storms We Have = Power Outages At Least 3 x's A Week! It Sucks! But, My Boys Like When I Lite All The Candles & Let Them Blow Them Out When We Get Power Back! Lol :)


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