Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quest for Zhu Sweepstakes!

Win the trip of a lifetime by experiencing the magic of the Quest for Zhu™ movie! Together with Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Mr. Squiggles, and Chunk, you can participate in all the fun and delight of the Quest for Zhu by entering the new "Just for Zhu Sweepstakes!"  

 just for zhu logo
Cepia LLC-the makers of ZhuZhu Pets-and Nickelodeon are partnering to give one lucky Zhu-natic a very special trip for two to attend the world premiere of Quest for Zhu in New York City. These two lucky winners will receive hotel accommodations, limousine transportation, a personal photographer, $500 in spending cash, and VIP access to attend this special event. Log on to www.Nick.com and enter to win. Timing is limited so make sure you participate before 11:59 a.m. EST on September 12th and be one of the first people to experience the magic of Zhu. 

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