Monday, August 8, 2011

The Quest for Cheap gas! #MurphyUSA

Gas! It's something we all have to have. Normally I fill up my tank every week and a half. However, this past week my kids were suffering from allergies so I became a procrastinator and didn't get to go gas hunting until this morning after I dropped them off at school. Yes, I said it...gas hunting, on the lookout for cheap gas! There are so many gas stations on the way to my kids' school that it doesn't take much to do some comparison shopping.

This week my quest was to see how other gas stations compare to Murphy USA. I was also tasked to use We & Co., an app. that enables you to thank the people that work at the stores. I love this idea! I mean, if you're a busy mom like me with two little kids, you pay at the pump and then leave. The workers inside never get thanks for how they help out and keep the pumps running! Unfortunately, We & Co. currently only works with iPhones. I'm sure soon it will be on the Android phones too! BUT if you have an iPhone I suggest you check it out and let me know how it works! =)

Now back to gas shopping. First, my gas shop began negative. I start the car, drive down the road and suddenly I'm greeted with this:
For those that can't see that's the check engine soon light! Seriously? What a great way to start a Monday. Still I trudged on and dropped the kids off and began my search.

 My kids go to school on post so I thought I would check out the gas prices on post. Unfortunately there wasn't a free standing price sign at the gas station but the price was $3.52 a gallon. Now here's the bad part for all my civilian friends. The only way you can get to these gas stations are if you are on post. That means they are basically for military families but it's an awesome price. I must admit I usually get my gas here!

Next I hit up the Murphy USA express. I was happy to see the price was $3.57 but at the same time it wasn't that competitive of a price. Many gas stations in the area were the same, only one was more expensive.

 As I was filling up my gas tank I couldn't help but notice all the signage and ads around the pumps. Murphy USA is full of good deals and they really want you to buy stuff! LOL. I mean they even had products sitting out on the ends of the gas pumps. Sometimes the ads were a little on overload if you ask me. I took a few pictures:

 I was also extremely impressed with how up to date Murphy USA was with technology. There were several ads to attest to this. One was for a sweepstakes, one for leaving feedback and even one for paying ahead for gas! How cool is that!?!

I love getting my gas from Murphy USA but here's a minor suggestion. I live in a military town. Lots of the local stores and gas stations have promotions that support the troops. Murphy USA had tons of advertisements but not even one was geared toward the military or support of the troops. However, all of the other gas stations had some form of promo to support the troops. Just a suggestion. =)

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  1. Love the idea of military promotions, and yes, it's fantastic that Murphy is so technologically up to date. Love that!


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