Monday, August 8, 2011

My top 10 healthy tips to get kids ready for back-to-school #transitionslenses

So as many of you know my daughter starts preschool this year. Sure it's only part time preschool but it's still school. And we all know that there is so much you have to do to get your kids ready for school! So when #socialmoms and #transitionslenses asked about my top 10 healthy tips for getting kids ready for school I think I just had to look over at my whiteboard. We've already started the countdown! =)

  1. Make sure you take your child for a physical AND get their shots. Most schools, even preschools will ask for this information during registration and sometimes they will ask for it again when school actually starts. At the same time you want your kids to be up to date on their shots since they will be around a whole new environment and people. 
  2. start a schedule! Yes, get them on a schedule now. Summer time is always different than school time and you want the kids to be ready to go!
  3. Make bedtime earlier. Now this is so obvious. The kids are going to be getting up earlier so of course they need to start going to be earlier in order to get all their sleep time in.
  4. Begin each morning with breakfast. I know this can sometimes be a hard one. My kids aren't really breakfast people. If you can't get them to eat a full meal then at least have a breakfast bar, fruit or something they can eat in the car on the way to school. 
  5. dress them appropriately. Especially when it gets cold or if you have young ones. I know little kids don't ever think that it gets cold and are great for forgetting jackets. 
  6. Be sure to have all medication updated and share with the school. Meaning don't change or start medication at the last minute. Children take time to adjust to medications, so you might want to have them prepared before they head to school. It's a lot easier on the teachers...hehehe. 
  7. And here's one from #transitionslenses that I didn't even think about. Have kids eyes checked! I never thought about that one but I know it's a really important one. I remember plenty of times where kids that were having issues with school work or behaving in class were simply acting that way because they couldn't see. 
  8. And on the same note: get their hearing checked. If it's not eyes then it might be ears! 
  9. Prepare a school nook/cubby. This is a great idea. A place for the kids to hang their school stuff, backpack, sports gear, jackets. Then you don't ever have to hear, "mom, where's my stuff?".
  10. Playdates and social interactions. As a school counselor, one of the main problems I saw was kids that had problems adjusting socially because they didn't have any interactions with children their own age. One part of being healthy is mental and emotional health. I think it's a great idea to have them interact with others! =)
As a matter of fact I've already started implementing many of these into my family's life. School starts in September so I don't think I've started too early. So what about you? What plans/tips do you have for your kids? Please share in the comments. I can use all the help I can get.

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  1. Those are some great, practical tips. I need to start the bedtime thing at my house and I am dreading it.

  2. Yes, have a place for their school stuff! I hate looking for shoes in the morning.


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