Monday, August 22, 2011

Motivation Monday!

So I did! I made it through a week of working out and let me tell you, it was not easy! I honestly did look like the lady in the picture above. My goal was to run at least 5 out of 7 days. Well, I actually didn't start until Tuesday and I was feeling sick on Friday so that was my skip day. BUT here's the results:

I started working out on Tuesday. I wanted to start slow so I would disappoint myself and then give up. So I basically just did some speed walking. I did a mile but it took me about 22 minutes! I wanted to cry. That was terrible. I used to be able to run a mile in around 10 minutes. The verdict is in: I'm officially OUT OF SHAPE!

Instead of letting that disappoint me, I let it motivate, yes I said it, MOTIVATE me into doing better. By Sunday I am now able to jog a mile in 15 minutes! Not bad for my first week of working out! And let me tell you, I feel great!

Now, here's this week's dilemma. I'm going to visit my mom and she doesn't have a treadmill so that is totally going to mess up my routine. What suggestions do you have for when you go on vacation or have to be out of town but still need to work out? How do you get your exercising in? And even better, how do you continue to eat healthy? I need some advice, QUICK! =)


  1. Congrats!! I have no motivation to workout.. haha! When I was doing well with my diet when we went on vacation I would walk... a lot! The whole eating healthy thing is always tough when I'm away from home. But I try to bring some 100 calorie packs or weight watchers snacks with me. Good luck!

  2. I would speed walk or jog around her neighborhood. As far as eating, sample small bits of the foods you love and you won't feel deprived.

  3. Congrats! Your doing awesome!! I think running 5 out of 7 days is a great goal but don't overwhelm yourself. I was running 3 times and hadn't worked up to that when i was running. Your motivating me! :) I think the best place is to run outside unless it's over 105 or too cold. It's easier when you can change up your route than walking on a treadmill, which i love too. Eating healthy is hard for me. I focus on eating less than i have been. ;) Oh snacks, i buy boxes of things and sort them out into baggies according to serving size. It works for us and your saving money doing it that way. Your doing great girly!! Keep it up and I will be joining you probably this weekend or next. :)


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