Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivation Monday!

I got a big shock last night. It shouldn't have been a shock. I knew it was there. I was just ignoring it. It's called my growing belly and thighs. Now here's the thing. I would be happy if those areas were growing because there was a baby in there but no! They are growing because I eat way too much and I'm not being active enough.

When did I realize that things were getting out of control? TODAY! I was having my daughter take a picture of me for a blog post and every picture was awful. First I chalked it up to her only being 3 years old...but alas, it's just that I have a fat butt and I really need to do something about it!

According to height and weight charts I'm about 2 lbs overweight. However, according to me I'm about 17 lbs overweight! I've never ever been this big except for when I was pregnant. So here's where I need help. I need motivation! I don't mind working out. I actually like to work out but I need peace and quiet when I do it. Now how do you do that with a two year old and a three year old running around!?! I just haven't figured it out yet. So HELP! What do I do? I know lots of you moms out there still work out, have a job, cook and are in great shape! How do you do it? Do you wake up super early, do you stay up super late?

All I know is that I have to get in better shape before my hubby gets back. I figure I should set some goals and if I write them down then I'll hold myself more accountable. I'm starting small and each week I will try to increase.

Goal 1: Run 1 mile on the treadmill at least 5 times this week.

Goal 2: Eat out only 1 time this week.

Goal 3: Do pilates or Zumba or maybe even Dance Central for 20 minutes at least 1 time this week.

That's it for now. I'll let you know how it goes. BUT don't forget I'm looking for other motivational ideas and help. So leave some comments. I would love to hear your advice, personal stories, or tips!


  1. You can do it!!! I hear you - boy do I hear you. I started incorporating high intensity in to my workouts and it is a great way to burn fat. Good luck!

  2. My belly is growing for all the wrong reasons as well! You have some great goals. Good luck!!

  3. You could try getting those kids fit dvds or a wii sports/fitness program. We have started using the EA Sports 2 and my 3 year old son LOVES to follow along with us.

  4. You can do it! I need to work on reducing my belly size as well - I've packed on a few pounds lately! I recently joined the Y and go a couple of times a week, but apparently I need to go more than that!


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