Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make me OVER please!!

Well, that's what my kid's playroom is screaming! Most of you know that I just moved into my house last year, actually it hasn't even been a full year yet and I really want to decorate this house! The last house we lived in was a rental so there wasn't much I could do. (I actually got in trouble for putting up re moveable decals! Crazy, right?!) So with this house we plan on being here for a little while and I really want to make a house into a home...starting with the playroom!

Let me show you why I really want to make over the playroom:
the boring entrance way

I have two of these closets. I really want to make them storage for the kids' toys

The back wall- you can see all the toys on the ground! and we could use better lighting

the double closets I was talking about and I would like some art work above all the doors

the right side of the room- plain and cluttered with toys

the left side of the room- a little blurry but I want to paint the TV stand and add more color to the walls!

Now you might ask why I just shared this with you! Number one: I want everyone to start seeing the transformation from house to home that I'm planning on starting. Number two- I'm entering a contest to try and win a mini makeover for one of the rooms in my house! So if you have any suggestions about what I can do to fix up this room, please share! And Wish me LUCK! =)


  1. Yay! Good luck with your entry! it's a beautiful room and $250 would go a long way to fulfill your dream! :)

  2. good luck girly! it is a really awesome room to work with, I love all the different lines of the walls and the closests are amazing!! I could storage space like that for sure! Can't wait to see what you come up with

  3. Wow! Love those big closets...just a wee bit jealous. Good luck. :)

  4. That is an awesome space! I would love to have that kind of room to tun into a playroom. And those closets... ahhh! I need more closets in my life! Good luck and have fun!!

  5. You've got a lot of space. I can't wait to see the final pictures. I would love to have a huge playroom like that! We are talking about trying for a baby in November so we'll be losing our playroom .. oh and we are keeping it on the dl from family so don't say anything on fb. lol ;)

  6. Wow that is a great room!! I hope you win! Good luck!


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