Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to tame the squirmy ones during diaper time! #SlipOnHUGGIES

so I was shopping in Walmart the other day and saw the end cap for the new Huggies Slip ons! Perfect! Do you know how hard it is to change your toddler's diaper? Especially, when you have a squirmer! You know what I'm talking about. Those little ones who should be ready to use the potty but just refuse! Instead they want to run around with a wet or stinky diaper and then when you try to change it, they either take off like lightning or you wish you could strap them down like you did when they were infants. Boy I miss that changing table with the safety strap to keep them from rolling. It sure did hold them in place.

So what do you do about a squirmy baby or even worse a squirmy toddler, during diaper changing. Well I'll tell you what I do. First, we give him books. He loves books. So if he has a book he is more likely to lie still and read it while I change him. Second, engage him in a conversation. I have a two year old so he can speak pretty well and he loves to talk. If you can get him talking, usually about superheroes then he will sit still and just chat away. Especially if you remind him that Spiderman and the Hulk didn't move all over the place when they were babies and getting their diapers changed. Hey, whatever works! Finally, rewards. Yes, I said it. Rewards. With the itty bitty ones, they may not understand rewards but the one year olds can understand immediate rewards and the two year olds can even understand reward charts! The reward can be anything, have a book read, play outside, watch a cartoon, get a sticker, dress up like batman (ok maybe that last one is just the one we use in my house). =)

As for nicknames, I don't have any for my little wiggle butt! Usually at diaper time I'm working so hard to keep him still that I probably call him any cute name I can think of like," sqiggle head, silly boy," anything to make him laugh! =)

Finally, I want to share why I think these new slip on diapers are perfect. My little squirmer has been super antsy with this whole potty training situation. When it comes to changing pull-ups the squirming begins. More like the kicking and hitting and throwing the pull-ups! He's decided he'd rather have diapers. so when I saw these I quickly went out a bought a pack. I like to think of the Huggies Slip-ons as a mix between diapers and pull-ups! It's going to be a great transition tool in our house. The kids will be able to slowly progress from diapers to diaper/pull-up, to pull-ups, to underwear. seems like a logical progression to me!

So what do you think? Do you have a squirmy toddler or baby? I would love to hear what you do with those toddlers? I mean it's battle royal in our house sometimes! I just keep telling myself, "pick your battles"! LOL

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  1. Hey Emmi - do these have more absorbancy than Pull-ups? I can remember putting my kids in Pull-ups, but them being just a little too loose. Pull-ups are more for accidents than soakers!

  2. I had not heard of Huggies Slip-ons until I just read this! I'm about ready to start potty training my 21 month old so I am very interested to see how well these work. I know that we aren't ready for pull ups yet but the slip ons do seem like the perfect transition!

    Holly P.

  3. Thanks I love these suggestions. Our sweet girl is 11 months today and also has a wiggly bum. I try to sing or pretend i'm cookie monster with the voice and everything lol.

  4. I have never heard of these! I'll have to check them out! :)


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