Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to create a #familynest!

No I'm not talking about somewhere to live but I am talking about something to keep you and your family prepared for any kind of emergency. For example, Did you know that half of Americans say they are under-insured? That’s 58 million* of us. And 70%* of people with kids under 18 say they would be in serious trouble if something happened to the primary breadwinner. Honestly, as a military family with a husband that is constantly deploying this is a topic that we aren't allowed to take lightly. Each year we review our insurance and update and change where we need to. Yet, if you're not a military family what should you do?

Actually, you should do the same thing military families do. Make sure you are covered! But how do you do that? Well, with my family we try to be prepared in many ways. Number one, we visited a financial/investment planner for a consultation. This is one of the best things we ever did. First, it cost us nothing for a simple consultation and we learned a lot. He not only explained what we needed to do or could do with our money but he also explained the basics of investing and some of those big financial terms that can get confusing!

Second, we follow Dave Ramsey! Oh how I love #daveramsey! He has some of the most practical suggestions for getting out of debt and saving money. It leads me to our third method of protecting our nest. We are getting out of debt. This is a lot easier said than done but it's important. You can't really start to build your nest egg until you are out of debt. You can have thousands of dollars in the bank but if you still owe someone or something money then you really have nothing! That's been a hard one for me to learn.

Then there's the whole idea of what kind and how much insurance you need. This is something that is basically dictated by the army but I do know how confusing it can be because I just helped my mom figure out her life and health insurance! It made my head spin! That's why people like your local Allstate agent can talk you through your situation and help you plan for the future today. Allstate and their agents have been helping customers protect their families for over 50 years. 

Finally, think ahead. We are already planning for our retirement and the kids' education. No matter what you plan on doing, how long you plan on working or where you want your kids to go to school, it never hurts to start early. Trust me, it will take a lot of the weight and stress off of your shoulders!

so what about you? What are you doing to protect your family nest? It's so hard for me to give suggestions because everything is outlined by the military so I can give advice to military families. However, when it comes to civilians I'm a little lost, case in point, helping out my mom. I would love to hear how it's different for civilians and what you do to save money and protect your family!

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  1. Nice post!! I follow Ramsey as well.It is so important to pay off our debt,I really like your suggestions.

  2. I hope that your insurance needs being met means your hubby can worry less about you all while he's deployed. Give him a virtual hug from someone who appreciates his work and knows the sacrifice he makes by not being home with you and the kids.


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