Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get your Degree Soldier!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Martinsburg Institute. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is something that really hits home for me. I personally have my master's degree and I'm not looking for another degree anytime soon. However, my husband joined the army and that's his career. He didn't go to college and get his degree. However, that's something that he is working on now and I'm so proud of him. Yet, what's so interesting is that so many of the younger soldiers that don't know their options out there for getting degrees. With the way the world is now, they are deployed constantly so it's hard to start going to school. I mean you start and then you deploy. The time changes are way different and if you are taking classes through a regular school then you are unable to take tests or talk to your professors like you want or need.

That's where Martinsburg Institute comes in. Martinsburg Institute distance training allows you to train anytime, anywhere, even while you are deployed! You don't even necessarily have to have internet access! How cool is that? All you need is a laptop, and most soldiers have that handy. Hey you need something to entertain you on your down time or a way to communicate while deployed!

Martinsburg Institute is listed on the DANTES website and has successfully provided training to military personnel worldwide since 2004. Learn how thousands of Service members have benefited from a number of unique programs geared towards their specific needs. Military friendly training - Military families report that the unique, ongoing support helped them to reach their goals. There are associate degree programs in business administration and integrated technologies, both fields that a servicemember can easily integrate into after leaving the army.  I was even more surprised to see that there are also programs for military spouses. I've actually met quite a few younger spouses who would love to get degrees or certificates so they can get into the working world and just don't have the time, or childcare!

I think as a military spouse the most interesting degree for me would be financial management and accounting, particularly the accounting part. I mean, at the moment my blog is my business and I'm not really that savvy when it comes to running and maintaining a business. Maybe I could take a few business management courses or classes and learn how to run my business better.

Finally, with all the talk about military funding being cut this is something servicemembers might want to look into now! I know it's something that I'm going to share with the other military spouses I know. And I will mention it to my husband so he can share it with his soldiers! If you want more information for a friend, family or ever yourself then contact Michael Johnson at 504.756.7676 or click on

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