Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Condiment cute!

Ok my friend over at The Frugal Bug has totally turned me on to They have some of the coolest things! A few weeks ago they had the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker but of course they were all gone by the time I tried to order it. Today in my newsletter (yes I get the newsletter) they had the coolest thing ever. Check it out:

It actually shoots mustard and ketchup. I'm seriously thinking about getting this for my kids! If you want to know more about the Coniment Gun and Geek Alerts check them out HERE! BTW- you can buy this on Amazon for $21.95! =)

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  1. I can see my nieces and nephews making a big ol' mess with this.
    The condiments would never make it onto the food. :) Thanks for sharing!


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