Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School Shopping- FOR BOYS!

OK, my son isn't in school yet. However, my daughter is starting pre-school this year. My kids are only 13 months apart (yes, irish twins) so I have this major dilemma. How do you go school clothes shopping for one child but not the other? So far my answer has been: it's impossible. Let me tell you why.

You head out shopping and you find all these cute outfits for girls like these:

 Well, I'm a sucker for cute clothing so I start buying my daughter all these cute things. I got her a few dresses, a few pants, some shorts(it' still hot here) and shoes and the list goes on and on. I mean she looks like a fashion diva and I can't wait until school starts.

BUT...then there's my son. I start to feel guilty because I'm loading up my little girl with all this cool stuff but I haven't really bought her much. So to appease him (or actually myself) I get him a few super hero shirts and a pair of super hero shoes. He's really into marvel comic superheros right now so when I find something I snatch it up...especially if it's on sale. At the same time, I start seeing all this other cute boys clothing and I just can't resist looking and sometimes buying him more stuff. I mean when you see cute outfits like these:

what are you expected to do???

So here's my question. If you have more than one kid, and some are going to school and some aren't, how do you handle it? Do you buy them both new clothing, do you just buy the ones going to school new clothing, do you not even think about it? I mean it's enough stress to know that your child is starting school but to add to it buying new clothes, buying school supplies, fixing lunches! I mean, I worked in a school and never realized all the stress. I even counseled parents who were going through these problems. Now I feel like I'm going to be knocking on the school counselors door for help! =/

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  1. Thxs for the post. I have a 19 month old boy and it has been sooo hard finding trendy, stylish, cool outfits for him to wear. I usually find great things at The Gap or H&M, but thanks to this post I now have a new shopping site.


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