Monday, July 11, 2011

Teacher's Life

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Being a teacher is wonderful but as you may have heard, it doesn’t exactly pay well. It’s tough working so hard for so little money but luckily I get my summers off which makes the whole thing worth it in the long run. In summers past I’ve done a lot of really cool travelling and even visited friends overseas but I think that this year I’m going to stay home and get some much needed R&R. I’m going to save some money this way too which is great since I’ve been needing to get that AC unit fixed for about 5 years now! I’ve already gotten ready and called a repair guy to come over in a few weeks and I have even been to to check out the rate trends in my area. I think I’m going to be able to afford it all now and it will be nice not to have to pack up all of my things for a month-long vacation for once in my life! I shouldn’t complain, it’s great!

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