Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: My Blankee

My kids are obsessed with their blankies. They take them wherever they go. They even try to take them to school but I have to persuade them to leave them in the car. And then if I pick them up and I don't have the blankies you should hear the protesting. But here's the thing. Blankies get dirty. My little girl's blankie was made by a friend so it can't be replaced. My son's blankie I bought on clearance at Walmart when he was born and I didn't think he would become so attached to it, so I didn't buy two! So when Blankie has to be washed or is misplaced for a little while I need something to fill in! And the kids are getting older. I don't want to take away their blankies but I do want them to graduate to something newer and more stylish. Yes I know. Only a mom would say that...hehehe.

That's where My Blankee comes in. These are some of the cutest and stylish blankets I have ever seen. I mean, even celebs like Katie Holmes and Gwen Stefani have them for their kids (and their kids are around the age of my kiddos). So what makes these different than other blankies?

The creator and designer of My Blankee is a dad, Serge Soussan, and a designer whose son was born with eczema. If you don't already know, Eczema is a dry skin condition which also causes the skin to be super sensitive. Trust me I know. My son has eczema. For this reason, these blankets are made of hypoallergenic fabrics, like the Dot Velour and the Luxe collection.

The blankets have become such a success that they decided to open an outlet with highly affordable blankets for the every day consumer. They have great prices and everything ranging from bibs, to burp cloths to stroller blankets. And there are so many cute sets. Just check out a few of my favorite designs:
 My Take: I got the opportunity to choose a blanket from the clearance section, although I don't know how they call it clearance. The blanket designs are amazing. It took me forever to narrow it down to one. Finally I chose this awesome fushia/pink one with pink and brown zebra stripes for my daughter. You can see it pictured below. The only thing I was sad about was I really wanted to get one for my son but at the time the clearance section didn't really have too many boy choices. =(

Now when the blanket came I was in for a surprise! It was gorgeous and just the right size. Not only that, it was so super soft! I wanted to snuggle with it! I gave it to my daughter and she just kept saying, "mommy- soft". She loves it and the colors are perfect! She's crazy about pink and purple right now!

I think my favorite part of the blanket was the little poem that is sew on a piece of material that is attached to the blanket. It says:
“I love my little blankee,
I take it wherever I go
It keeps me warm and cozy
at home or on the go.”

It sums it up completely. That's exactly the way my kids feel about their blankies. Now, has my daughter made the complete switch to the new blankee. No. She still carries the old one around but at times I catch her carrying both of them together. I've also noticed that when I wash her old blankie she is okay with having the new blankie. Now I just need to buy one for my son! =)

Buy it: My Blankee can be purchased from the My Blankee Outlet along with the wide variety of accessories including car seat covers (I'm definitely thinking about getting two of these)! Prices vasy depending on size and product.

Disclosure: This item was provided to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.

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