Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes!

So my friend Sara over at Dealicious Mom, put up this super cool recipe and tutorial for Rainbow Cupcakes so I just had to try it out! I love cupcakes and I've been promising the kids we would make some since it's been a few months since the last time. Now let's get some important facts out of the way first.

#1- I hate to cook. I love to try new recipes but I am no where near a master or top chef! LOL

#2- I use just about every utensil and bowl in the house to cook. And no I haven't cleaned up anything yet so it's still all sitting in the sink.

#3- I'm a messy cook!

So now on to my story of Rainbow Cupcakes. In the beginning everything was going great. The kids helped me make the cake mix and then watched as I scooped the batter into 6 different ziploc bags....correction....six different dollar store plastic bags. MISTAKE #1. Do not substitute any plastic bag for ziploc bags! I then put in the correct amount of food coloring drops into each bag, (Sorry I don't have pictures but you're going to see why...keep reading) and then sealed them. Next I gave each kiddo a bag to mush around the colors and then disaster #1 happened! The bags, from simple mashing burst! The kids had food coloring and batter all over their hands. We had to hurry and clean them up so I don't have pics...LOL

So....I happened to have ziploc freezer bags and my mom suggested we put the cheap bags inside the big ziploc bags and try it that way. It worked a lot better and the kids were able to help again. Next, I take the 24 cupcake wraps, spray them with oil and get ready to start the process of filling them with colored batter. #1, I had to write down ROYGBIV, because I couldn't remember the color order. #2 I had to run and grab a spoon to evenly spread my batter without mixing colors and #3, I had to attempt to get the batter into each muffin spot without getting the cheap plastic bag in my batter. Needless to say this took about an hour and I ended up with only enough batter to make 9 rainbow cupcakes and 3 tie-dyed cupcakes!

BUT...after all of that, they turned out awesome! So of course I'm going to share my pictures:

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  1. Those cupcakes look so good and your kids are Adorable!


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