Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My daughter's Preschool style with #jcpback2school!

OK this is the perfect post for me to write. #1 my daughter is getting ready to go to preschool and we hit up JCPenney a few weeks ago to stock up on some clothes. #2 my daughter has a style you just can't describe! It's one of a kind and I'm worried about how this is going to work with preschool!!

Well, I hated wearing dresses when I was little but like most moms, I love to put my daughter into dresses. However, at the ripe ole age of 3 she has decided that she doesn't wear dresses. Not any kind of dresses. This includes nightgowns, summer dresses, swimsuit coverups, the whole deal! In fact the only way I can get her to wear a dress is when I allow her to put pants on underneath it. No, not shorts, pants!

Then there's the diva in her. I'd like to think of her style as Tomboy Divalicious! She can't be content unless she changes her clothes at least twice a day. I wake her up, allow her to help me pick out her clothes and then she dresses herself. However, when she wakes up and comes down from nap time she has on a completely different outfit, complete with mis-match socks. Apparently my child is trying to start a new trend. Along with those mismatch socks, her favorite item of clothes to wear are pants. I don't care what kind of pants, just as long as they are pants. As a matter of fact, yesterday she changed her clothes to put on an outfit that included some velour black pants! AND it was 100 degrees outside!! Now, of course you can't leave out the shoes. Right now she is a Dora fanatic so every outfit is not complete without the Dora tennis shoes. Now this is perfect fro preschool. They have to wear closed toe shoes, so the dora sneaks pass the test. HOWEVER, my daughter has found a way to get around this. She has what I like to call Sunday shoes. You know, those patent leather black shoes with the little heels that your mama made you wear to church?!? Well, she knows that they are closed toed so she thinks they should pass the test to wear to school, out to the park or even grocery shopping. Even I don't wear heels to go grocery shopping. She's slowly learning her lesson though. She received a few nice blisters the last time she wore those all day!

And I could go on and on. This girl is my fashion queen. I didn't even talk about the hair accessories or mommy's purses that have to be included. Along with "blank blank" (her blanket) I just don't know how she gets out the door. Words can't describe, I just have to show you a picture:
She's rocking out her Sunday shoes, one pink sock, one dark colored sock, her tinkerbell pjs (yes you CAN wear them during the day and to school if you are my daughter), her tinkerbell plaid hat, her backpack (it was a school day) and fashion glasses. And this is just one of the many pictures of her styles!

So how does your child like to dress? I'm sure you're wondering if I let her go to school like this! Sadly, I didn't. I'm just too conservative of a mom. LOL. Would you let your child head to school like this? should I let her wear what she wants when she starts REAL preschool (we call her hourly care school) this fall? I would love to hear your answers!

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  1. My daughter never wanted the frilly girly dresses either. She's firmly entrenched in shorts and camis right now. Sigh!


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