Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA lately. You all know that I'm a military wife and my hubby just recently deployed again so I've been spending quality time with the family. And then Murphy's Law struck!

First, we had a major storm and it knocked out my internet for the past two days. I mean it was so bad we actually saw lighting hit the ground in the back of our house!! The funny thing is my little one slept right through the whole thing!

Second, I get up, drop the kids off at school, and head to Sam's club. I was there early, I have a advantage card so I can get in during the business hours. All the carts were stacked up really tight and I reached to pull one out and got my finger stuck. When I pulled it out, after screaming, I looked because I thought I had cut it. BUT no! It was worse! The stupid cart pulled out one of the diamonds in my wedding band!! So that totally ruined my day.

And then today, as I was waiting for them to come and fix my internet, my two year old who is potty-training went to the potty by himself. He didn't want me to come. I hear him go in, flush the toilet and then start to run water in the sink. He's taking forever so I tell him to hurry out! I still hear the toilet running so I decide to go investigate. As soon as I round the corner I step into a puddle of water. He had backed up the toilet by stuffing it with toilet paper!! IT was overflowing into the hall! I would say there was about an inch of water that I had to attempt to mop up! Thank goodness my neighbor had a mop!!

So that was my last few days! We're just trying to get settled into a schedule and I have a ton of reviews and giveaways to share so I'm going to be super busy this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled and wish the best for me!!! =)


  1. It sounds as if you have my kind of luck! I am your latest follower on GFC.

  2. Awww. I think we all have those days sometimes. I'll be thinking of you. Even though the toilet clogged - it's still kind of cute, at least you know he wiped good ;)


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