Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harris Teeter's New Craft Beer- Barrel Trolley

My love for unique beers began when I was working at a wine store during graduate school. I needed the extra money and I wanted to do something fun. This particular wine store was also popular for selling craft and imported beers. I remember you could make a mixed case of beer and just pick one of any kind of beer to try out. I loved the ability to try out everything!

When I found out Harris Teeter, one of my favorite grocery stores, was debuting a new store brand craft beer I was super excited to try it out! First let me share a little bit with you about this new beer. It's called Barrel Trolley. The name comes from the way beer was transported during prohibition. They would move it around in barrels on trolleys. How cool is that? I had never heard that before!

There are two brews of Barrel Trolley currently out for sale at Harris Teeter (began arriving on shelves earlier this month). They are the Pale Ale and the Belgian White Wheat Ale. The Pale Ale is described as "Three types of hops combined for a complex citrus hop aroma with deep flavor and a long crisp finish". The Belgian White Ale is described as "Bright flavors of orange balanced by subtly spicy coriander". They retail for $7.99 for a case of six but at my HT they had lowered the price to $6.99! What a steal! Most craft beers do range around the $8-$10 price range so this is a great deal!

My brother and mom were visiting this weekend and we had already planned to grill out. What goes better than beer with grilling?!? My brother is a big craft beer fan, constantly visiting local breweries in his area and around NC. I like to think of him as the expert in this area! So I headed out to Harris Teeter to find this new beer.  First, I called Harris Teeter to make sure they had the beer out on the shelves. Unfortunately, after being on hold for 10 minutes I never received an answer so I decided to go investigate for myself. After all, HT did have pork ribs on sale and we were wanting to get some for grilling! So I picked up both brews of the beer, the ribs and a few other things on a Friday. My brother came in that night and he couldn't wait to try the beers out. 

We started with the Pale Ale. Wow! We were both shocked. Now I like a good pale ale but I was just a little wary of how one would taste that was from a grocery store. Now, don't get me wrong, HT usually has great store brand products but still! The taste was crisp and refreshing. It was lighter than I expected and went down smoothly. My brother loved it. He compared it to some of his other favorites. My mom, who isn't a beer drinker also gave it a go. It was so light she loved it! She said it would be easy to drink it with a meal. The only negative we could find was the alcohol content wasn't listed on the beer. Most bottled beers do have it listed so that might be something for the brewers to think about. =)

And that's exactly what we did the next day. We grilled up the ribs and some corn on the cob and popped open some beers.  I even got a little creative and used the Belgian White in my famous beer batter to fry up some pickles. Now that's a southern treat! The Belgian had more of a rich flavor to me and it was perfect for the pickles. You could taste that deep coriander taste and I loved it. 

 So what's the verdict? We actually went back and bought another case of the Pale Ale. I must say it was my family's favorite. We sat inside, watched a movie and enjoyed a few beers. I'm so excited I was introduced to this beer and can't wait to try out the Amber Ale (usually my choice in crafts) this fall when it comes out. It is described as "Medium-bodied with a complex malt flavor, exhibiting a subdued malt character elevated by a subtle citrus aroma". MMM...sounds great! 

 So if you would like to try out the Barrel Trolley craft beers be sure to head into your local HT and give them a try! Check out my This Moment story to see my Harris Teeter shopping experience. 


Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Everyone in the photos are above the age of 21.


  1. Informative. Insightful. Innovative. Thanks for this great post. Will try my hand at making my own beer and also check out the brand you've mentioned, Barrel Trolley. Thanks for the post. A good one indeed.

  2. Great post. I love your ThisMoment story too.

  3. Informative. Insightful. Innovative. Thanks for this great post. Will try my hand at making my own beer and also check out the brand you've mentioned, Barrel Trolley. Thanks for the post. A good one indeed. beer


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