Friday, July 15, 2011

Advancing your education the efficient way!

Fortunately, I got all my education out of the way before I got married to a military man. However, I have met plenty of military wives that want to further their education (go to college) but are unable to do so because they move so much with their husbands or are super busy taking care of their families. Most college classes are in the evening or night for working adults but not all have childcare, not to mention there aren't too many moms out there I know that can afford daycare and college tuition!

So what's the solution. Online Degrees! I personally, took a few online classes when I was in college and it was a big help. There was so much flexibility and freedom and I loved it! I was able to work a part time job and get my classes done at the same time! Well, not exactly at the same time, but you know what I mean. My husband is also currently attending an online college which makes it easy for him to complete his degree even while he is deployed! So when I heard about degree jungle and the best online colleges for 2011 I couldn't wait to see if the college my husband attends was on there. Unfortunately, it didn't make the list. It kind of makes me wish that we knew about this list before he started his classes.

I must say that I am happy to know that there are sites like Degree Jungle that offer a wealth of information on online colleges and degrees. They even have a Quick Degree finder where you can choose your degree, category, and subject and you will get a list of online colleges that fit that criteria. I would suggest if you are looking to further your education with online classes that you check this site out! There's a lot you can learn!

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