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10 ways to get your kids to eat Veggies! #peasandthankyou

Now this is a topic I am no pro on. Actually I'm on the other side of the fence! I'm the one who needs advice on how to get my kids to eat more veggies. However, like most moms I have to find creative ways to get them to eat healthy so here's my top ten for veggies.

  1. Eat them too! Yeah I know this one sounds strange but it is so true! My husband doesn't like too many veggies so he doesn't eat too many. I, on the other hand love most veggies. So when we sit down at dinner I have to make him at least take a bite of his so the kids will try theirs...LOL
  2. Hide them! This works for the hubby too. Hide the veggies in different dishes. Make some mashed garlic cauliflower. Throw in some peas to other meals. They are small and they can't see them. Do whatever it takes.
  3. Combine them with veggies the kids do eat. I like to have carrots, peas and corn together. The kids are more likely to eat the peas (which they don't like) if they are mixed in with other veggies they do like. 
  4. Wait until they are hungry. Ok yeah, I know that sounds awful but the kids are more likely to eat them if they are hungry. Trust me. It works for my kids.
  5. Encourage them to take at least one bite. With my kids they must at least try one bite of everything I put on their plates. This includes veggies. Then if they don't like it, I don't force them to eat it. 
  6. Try, Try, again. If they don't eat it the first time then keep trying. Try it at another meal a few days later. They still might not eat it. So try it again at another meal. Isn't it something like you have to try something 30 times before you really like it???
  7. Even if they do eat it, Try again. I've learned that my kids might eat it one day and then not eat it the next time. This doesn't mean they don't like it and I stop feeding it to them. I just try again later on with a different meal. Half the time they start eating the veggie again!
  8. Cut them into cute shapes. I am the queen of decorating my plates. I just bought sandwich cutters in the shapes of dinosaurs. I've also been known to use cookie cutters to make shapes in our food. You can also use them to make little molds. I leave the cookie cutter on the plate with the veggies, stuffed inside in the shape of the cutter. Sometimes you can lift it out and it will retain the shape. Sometimes you just leave it in. My kids are too young to know the difference...LOL
  9. Incorporate in life! For example, I got my son to try out broccoli by telling him that dinosaurs eat it. Do they really eat it? I don't know! But it worked. Dora, Spiderman and other characters have also been known to eat veggies in my house. Hey, whatever works, right?!?
  10. Be patient. I know there are 5000 ways to get your kids to eat veggies but you can't get frustrated. You have to keep your cool and keep trying. As long as your kids are getting the food and nutrition that they need from other foods you can slowly work your way up to veggies. Remember, there are some things that you won't eat too. Like Peas In my case!!!

So, as a mommy who is no expert, please, please, please share how you get your kids to eat veggies. I need some more tricks to add to my toolbox. Sure the ones I shared work but you can only use them oh so many times. So help a mama out! =)

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  1. When my twins were going through that stage where they wanted to dip everything in ketchup, I started substituting the ketchup with baby food carrots or other baby food veggies. My pediatrian thought I was a genius! Sadly, it only worked for a few months. However, I do plan on using it with my almost 2 year old soon!


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