Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go!! #officiallatte

Did socialmoms and Seattle's Best Coffee read my profile? That's one of the key things I wanted to accomplish with my blog: to make life easier and more efficient for busy families. As a military family efficiency is key! We're always on the go and it's never easy! Now that my kids are getting older I'm always struggling to find ways to make my life easier while keeping up with their busy lifestyles. Here's 10 of my suggestions to make your life easier and more efficient as a busy mom!

  1. Get a calendar! After accidentally missing two hourly care appointments for my children and having to pay for them I learned that the best thing to do is get a calendar, write down all the important dates and check it daily. 
  2. With that calendar- use COLORS! I used to just write important dates in one color and then it started becoming confusing. I've noticed that by using colors it's easier to see reoccurring activities such  as daycare, speech, and recycling!
  3. Prepare the day before. If I know the kids have school the next day then I like to sit out their clothes, pack their bags and even get their snacks ready. That way in the morning I can quickly dress them, feed them and get them out the door!
  4. Smart Phones- yes I know. People don't think you need a smart phone but I beg to differ. This thing is amazing! My phone keeps my calendar, allows me to check my email, never miss important calls, and basically does everything but clean my house. My whole life is in it and it's really made things a lot easier for me. 
  5. DVD player in the car. This is one I don't promote for around town trips but as a military family we're constantly taking road trips and this has been a real life saver with our two little ones. Have you ever tried to entertain two preschoolers in a car for four hours?? Well, my friends, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse and Cars always help me! =)
  6. Having drinks ready to go. My kids aren't quite ready to drink out of bottles so I have to put their drinks in sippy cups. It's so hot here that when I pick them up from school I like to have a drink along with a snack ready to go in the car. It really helps to drive when you have happy and quiet kids in the car. 
  7. Don't be afraid to ask for help. My husband is deployed a lot meaning I might as well be a single mom during those times (shout out to all those single moms) and any extra hands that are willing to help me out are greatly appreciated! For example, my neighbors are also military wives. So we take turns with babysitting, cooking and other activities. It helps relieve stress and builds a great community of friends. 
  8. Take your time- It's usually when I get in a big rush that I forget something. Don't be afraid to check, double check or even triple check things! It's better to be safe than sorry
  9. Make lists- I am the list queen. Now if only I could remember to take the lists with me. (That's why I started putting them in the phone)
  10. Use time saving gadgets- Things like GPS systems can make life on the go a lot easier and more efficient. You no longer have to pull over to look at maps, ask directions or other time consuming activities. These little machines tell you where to go and how long it will take you to get there. AND they talk to you so you can concentrate on driving and keeping your family safe!

      One other thing that keeps me on the go is Seattle's Best Iced Lattes. I love to drink coffee in the morning but it's so hot here who wants to drink something hot!?! Instead, I opt for cold coffee drinks and Seattle's Best has a new line of iced lattes that are perfect for on the go. I know I would drink mine while I'm dropping the kids off at school so that I'll be ready to tackle my errands for the day! If you would like to try it out here's a link to a really great coupon for $1.50 off a 4pk of Seattle's Best Iced Lattes. 

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      1. Oooh color coded calendars! I LOVE it! I may just have to start doing that! I have SO many things on my calendar it's starting to run together!


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