Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Reasons why I would LOVE to visit #VirginaBeach

Ok really?? 10 reasons?? I can think of 100 reasons to go to the beach! So when SocialMoms and the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau asked for 10 reasons why I would like to visit Virginia Beach I had to take my time and limit myself...LOL. And what's funny is I live in North Carolina so it makes it even more plausible for me to visit Virginia Beach. As a matter of fact, I was just up near Virginia Beach about three weeks ago on one of our mini vacations and if it wasn't raining we were going to head to the beach!!

So without further ado...Here's my top ten:
  1. It's only about 5 hours away! Yep, that's right! We live in North Carolina and Virginia Beach is right up 95. It's a nice quick trip!
  2. It's right near Busch Gardens in Williamsburg! My kids love Busch Gardens! As a matter of fact that's where we were just a few weeks ago on our mini vacation. I suggest if you have little ones then you head there and check out Sesame Street and Land of Dragons attractions. They have the most rides for the preschoolers. 
  3. Of course...the beach! The kids love playing in the water and building sandcastles and then there's the boardwalk! A great 3 mile walk with great food and shopping. Although I haven't been there since I was little so I'm sure it's changed a lot. 
  4. Sea Kayaking- my husband and I have been wanting to do this forever! The last time we were at the beach we saw some people kayaking and it looked like a blast...and a workout!
  5. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center- My kids love aquariums and we are constantly visiting the ones in NC. It's always a great change to go to a new one and see all the wild life that is native to that area. They especially love hands on activities! 
  6. Military Attractions: Of course we are a military family and we love to take the kids to military and historical sites. We're an army family but there is a really great Naval Air Station Oceana Tour that I would love to check out!
  7. Military discounts- Yes, Virginia Beach is close to Ft. Lee and other military installations so most of the attractions and accommodations offer discounts to military families. And as a frugal blogger I'm always looking for great deals!!
  8. Shopping! Yes, shopping, shopping and more shopping. You have the Boardwalk, you have Colonial Williamsburg, you have boutiques. There's a little something for everyone...including some pretty cool shot glasses that my husband loves to collect...hehehe
  9. Seafood- Living in Colorado for a few years and seeing sea food restaurants was a little strange for me. I was always a little wary of eating sea food from a place that isn't close to the ocean! Well, of course in Virginia Beach you are at the ocean so you are getting some of the freshest sea food ever! YUMMY...especially the crabs!
  10. Family Time- we already live near the beach in NC. It's usually a day trip for us. However, if we head up to Virginia Beach, it takes us a few hours, meaning that we can't drive right back home in the same day. Instead we have to spend a few days to make it worthwhile. This in turn means I get to spend some quality time with my husband (who is usually deployed out of the country) and my two adorable kids. And that is PRICELESS!

  11. So what about you? Do you live near a beach? Would you like to visit Virginia Beach. If so check out Virginia Beach for all the great places to visit and places to stay! 
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  1. I think the Couple's Retreat would be great for you guys... sea kayaking without the kids sounds nice too!

  2. I'd love love love to go to the beach!! Wish I was closer to one like you are :)


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