Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a baby wants, what a baby needs!

OK yeah, so I ripped that off of a XTina song. We've just been going through our house and gathering up things to put in our yardsale for this Saturday and it's got me thinking about babies. Why you may ask? Because, we were getting rid of lots of baby items. So? So that means if we do decide to have another baby we're going to have to buy all new stuff! For instance we would have to buy another baby crib. Baby cribs are a necessity and a major purchase! Not to mention there are so many to choose from! It's been so long since I've looked at cribs I wouldn't even know where to start! I mean do you like at major furniture stores or do you look at Target or Walmart? Cribs are everywhere!

What about a company like Cymax? They have over 100 specialty online stores that you can shop from. And yes, one of those stores just happens to specialize in cribs! You can choose from standard cribs, cribs with changing tables attached and even convertible cribs! I think I would have to choose from one of the three shown below:

Now the reasons for my choices. The first one, I love the changing table on the side. We just changed our kids on the floor because I was too lazy to take them to the changing table. The second one, I love all the storage underneath and it changes to a toddler bed with railings! And the third one: The davinci kalani, well, it's just like the ones we have for the other two kids! And that's great because the brand name we have is no longer manufactured!

Ok enough of baby talk! After looking at those cribs I might start leaning towards number 3! Then I would have to start a list of everything else we would need...diapers, wipes, clothes....ARGH!!! =)

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