Friday, June 17, 2011

We're finally an HDMI family!

I'm a big electronics buff! I love anything electronic and I always want the newest and coolest item out there...except when it comes to TVs! We had an old floor model with an old DVD attached for the past, oh I don't know, almost 10 years. It was time to come into the new age! When my husband returned from his last deployment we decided to get with the times and get a flat screen HDMI TV for our new house. Well of course with a TV that awesome you need a Blu Ray DVD player. And after that, who needs to go to the movies? You have everything you need, right?

Wrong! You need a TV Stand! But which one? There are how many TV stands out there? And they are for so many different kinds of TVs that we didn't know what to choose. I mean, there are glass ones, large entertainment cabinets, corner stands, the list goes on and on! So how do you know what to choose? Well downstairs we decided to just buy a mount and hang our TV. But then there was upstairs:

Upstairs we bought a smaller flat screen TV for the kids with a DVD player on the side. Perfect for when they are playing around in the playroom. However, we didn't know where to put it? Finally we decided the best spot was in one of the corners. So we started looking at corner tv stands. Here's a few I liked:

My favorite part about these two are that you can close them up and the kids can't get to all the important stuff. If you notice the bottom one is perfect for attaching those child proof locks! I always look for furniture that can be locked when it comes to my little explorers.

Now if you want some really fancy wood cabinets, personally I prefer those over the plastic ones, I think they hold more weight, then you should check out the oak TV stands 

I love how modern this one is. I've never seen a circular stand before! I would love to have this one! Although, after looking at all of these I realized something. They are all too low to the ground for my kiddos. I think we would be better off with something up high. BUT if we do decide to get something like the ones pictured I know to head on over to Cymax and check out one of their 200+ specialty stores. They even have free shipping on select items and we all know how I love free shipping! =)

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