Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Do you Bnter?

Have you ever heard of Bnter? If not this is a site you should really check out! Bnter is a way to share your conversations and learn more about the lives of friends and others. Sure, you can send email, make a phone call or even tweet it along with posting it on Facebook but it sure won't look as cute and entertaining as Bnter! It's a great way to keep your family and friend's updated on all the funny conversations you have in your life. I would personally use it as a cute way to illustrate the oh so funny things my kids love to say!

So how do you use it? Well it's really quite simple. You just sign up for an account, all you need is your email and then you can start bntering! You just click on post a conversation, then you write who the conversation is between (for example, you and your kids). You can even add images if you would like. Then you write what each person says and finally you can post it to Facebook, the Bnter site, Twitter or Tumblr for all your friends and family to see. Since it is automatically posted to Bnter you can ask friends to join and that way they will be privy to your conversations as you post them!

My Take: So what did I think? Well, at first I was a little confused. When you visit the Bnter home page you can see the Hall of Fame. This is where they have illustrated some of their favorite Bnter conversations. Here's one for an example:

click to see larger

Unfortunately I thought this was what happened with every conversation you entered. Actually it's not. Instead your conversations look like an IM conversation you have on your iPhone. I guess that is perfect if you don't have friend's with an iPhone and actually it's a lot safer than texting. The only problem is it's not an on-going conversation. It's more of you sharing a story and then people are allowed to comment. Honestly, I would call it a mix between texting and Facebook.

Either way it's a fun new creation that I'm going to share with my friends. I didn't really follow anyone on Bnter, although you can, I just wasn't sure who to follow. Although you are able to click on staff favs to read their favorites and there are some pretty funny ones there. You can also find friends using twitter or Facebook. AND just like I said it was like texting, well you can download the Bnter app for an android phone! I'm not sure if I would use it that often but it's still new and fun! So if you have something you want to Banter about (something cute your kids said and you just had to share,  just head on over and check it out!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Bnter Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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