Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Aqueduck

My children try to be independent and now that they are older I try to foster that independence in any way I can. Now that they are in school, they are learning the importance of washing their hands and more importantly how to do this with no help. At home, I bought them a stool to help with handwashing BUT a stool doesn't make their little arms longer. They can't always reach to turn on the water or get their hands under the faucet! So it ends up that I still have to hold them up so they can actually wet and rinse their hands.

But now there's a solution, one that only a mother could come up with...the Aqueduck. This simple little invention by a mom who was tired and physically strained from lifting her child to let him wash his hands in the sink. I can totally relate. Here's more about the Aqueduck:

Aqueduck by Peachy, LLC is a super new parenting solution to make hand washing easier for kids. Rather than lifting your little one up, or leaving a stool in your home bathroom, Aqueduck solves the problem by brining the water closer to kids!  You just slip it onto the faucet and viola, the water is extended several inches, helping your little ones reach it all on their own. Its compact and lightweight design makes it great for on the go! Aqueduck comes in colors for both boys and girls.

My Take: My kids love this cute little invention. It's a complete mommy helper! I received the aqueduck along with a cute little travel package (which we have used multiple times). I couldn't believe how simple it was to use. I thought it would be something I would have to permanently attach to my sink. However, it was quite simple to slip on and off. In fact, my one complaint is that it is too simple to put on and remove. My kids are constantly taking it off and putting it back on and they are only 3 and 2 years old. The Aqueduck is made of plastic and rubber which is great because it's super safe for the kids but I'm afraid that they are going to stretch the rubber attachment part and make it impossible for it to stay attached to the sink. Other than that we use it all the time. In fact, I even made a video about how simple it is to use. Of course I always have to clarify my videos. I'm not a great vlogger yet, I'm still learning so ignore the shaking...hehehe. It's also not clear that my kiddo couldn't reach the sink without the Aqueduck because he was almost climbing onto the sink to prove that he could. My kids aren't very good at acting...LOL. However, the video does show how easy it is to use!

Buy it: The Aqueduck can be purchased in pink or aqua for the price of $12.99. You can buy it at or other retail stores. See the complete list HERE.

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & Aqueduck who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.

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