Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quest for Zhu- A Zhu Zhu Pets MOVIE!

My kids love Zhu Zhu pets. They have a whole collection of them and last year I was able to throw a Zhu Zhu pets party for them and a few of their friends. So you can imagine how excited they were when I told them there was a Zhu Zhu pet movie. They kept saying they wanted to see it right now. It's not like they would believe me if I told them I didn't have it, so instead I just showed them the awesome trailer. And guess what? I'm going to share that same trailer with you so when your kids ask to see the Zhu Zhu movie you have a teaser you can show them!!

Debuting in Fall 2011 in partnership with Universal Pictures, the "Quest for Zhu" brings the magical Zhu-niverse to life in 3-D stereoscopic animation. Starring the four original ZhuZhu Pets® characters (Pipsqueak, Mr. Squiggles, NumNums and Chunk), the "Quest for Zhu" is an adventurous, heartwarming and heroic tale that Zhu-natics of all ages are sure to love!

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