Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The importance of insurance

I thought I would write this simply because I constantly get advertisement in the mail, see it on television and read it in the paper. INSURANCE! What's the big deal with insurance. OK honestly, I'm not the person to ask. When I was working as a school counselor, I had awesome health insurance. Then I married my husband, who is in the army and now we have the wonderful military insurance known as TRICARE. This was a blessing during my first pregnancy when I was on bedrest, had to visit the doctor's office every week for stress tests and then had to spend a few extra days in after the birth of my baby because of a medical condition I had. If it wasn't for our insurance I don't know how we would have paid for those charges. I cringed when we got the copy of the claim from our insurance company! I won't even share the amount!

BUT what if you don't have awesome insurance. What if you don't have a job? I know that the president and others are working on a universal health care system but I can honestly say I haven't paid attention to this in depth. It's just something that hasn't really affected me. However, I do know of families that it would affect. I know that when I was working in the school system we had to deal with families that had medicaid and medicare for insurance. But just where do you get information on these services? Well, you can find information on Medicare and Medicaid at the Centers for Medicare

You will find information on plans, forms, prescriptions, medicare supplements and lots more. I guess it's something I really should have a little more knowledge on if I ever decide to go back into my profession. After all, in the mental health field, insurance companies are the ones who fund my paycheck!

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