Monday, June 13, 2011

I HATE yardsales!

I was quiet this weekend. I'm sure if you're a regular reader you know I'm usually a little quieter on the weekends because I'm spending time with the family. However, this weekend I was even quieter than normal because my husband finally talked me into having a dum-dum-dum YARDSALE.

Yes, I hate yardsales! we just moved into our new house in January and we also moved all our yardsale items from the old house over to the new house (against my better judgement) so it was all taking up half of our garage. We really did need to get rid of it! The past month he has been telling me we need to have this yardsale and I kept putting it off. So finally on Sat. we did it.

First, as I was putting out all the loot, people started coming to see what they could buy. The yardsale was supposed to start at 8:00 and it was 7:15 when people started showing up. The hubby had just left to get some much needed change and I was stuck alone with about 8 people all asking me how much and if I had change. It was crazy. Luckily, a neighbor I had just met helped me control the crowds (and she even bought some stuff- she was awesome)!

Then, it got quiet. Yes, for almost two hours no one came. I was ready to pack up! Then closer to lunch we had an onslaught! Everyone who stopped by wanted to buy something. It was great! Granted I was pouring sweat and stinky because it has been so hot this summer but we were still making good money.

In the end we sold most of our stuff and made a great profit! We're even going to do another one with our friend's this weekend. So why does my title say I HATE yardsales? Let me tell you why. It breaks my heart getting rid of all my kids' stuff. I know they can't use it anymore but this just drills that in. Then there's prices! How do you put a price on stuff that you just feel is priceless??? Sure I know it's not worth that much to me anymore but when someone wants to buy that adorable baby dress you bought for your daughter for a $.25 I just want to scream! And I hate trying to give a reasonable price. It just doesn't work for me! However, as much as I complain, I did have a decent time and I can't wait to see how much we make this next weekend. What about you? Any yardsale secrets you would like to impart on me?? Trust me, I need all the help I can get! =)

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  1. Emmi -

    Invoke the half off rule. At a specified hour (like an hour before you close) - everything is half off. Seriously. If you put it out there, you don't want to haul it back (and if you do, you're a professional yard saler who does it as a business!) You don't have yard sales to get rid of things you want to keep. Half off or at least be more haggle-able! Anything left over, pack up in boxes right away and head to the nearest donation bin/Good Will and drop it off. Make sure it never comes back in after you've taken it out ;)


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