Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun with Spring Accessories, #OldNavy and #crowdtap

One great thing about being a member of Crowdtap is you get to participate in really awesome product sampling programs. Recently I did the Old Navy Ankle Jeans (and got a really cool pair of ankle jeans) and then a few days ago we I participated in the Old Navy Stylethon Spring Accessories Party.

Now I must say this was a really exciting party. I mean I got to share some great Old Navy accessories from their spring line with some deserving mommies, all for FREE! Lately, a few moms and me have been getting together to do some great playdates with our kids. So far we've only gone to the park but I'm really wanting to organize this group more and start doing some more really cool activities! Yesterday we did a picnic in the park and it was FAB! We are always doing something for the kids so I figured this would be a perfect time to do something for the awesome mommies in the group. I just wasn't sure if I had enough stuff for everyone! However, our group yesterday only consisted of four other moms and that was a perfect number!

First, let me share with you all the awesome items that Old Navy sent for me to share (I totally meant to take a picture before the moms started digging in but I forgot! Oops!

  • 5 Old Navy tote bag- bright and pretty
  • 2 spring scarves
  • 1 pair of spring shades
  • 1 spring fedora hat
  • 1 spring saddle bag
  • 1 Old Navy Spring Accessories Sampling party booklet
  • 1 dry erase 
I was going to use the dry erase to do games for the mom's to win the accessories but we didn't really need to use it because I had just enough! =)

Anyways I thought I would just do a quick recap by showing you pictures of all the fun we had!

The ladies digging in. They loved all the cool accessories!

Aimee thought the glasses were perfect. She's like me, we can't keep up with our sunglasses so it never hurts to have more!!
Jackie is Queen of Scarves. She was showing us all the cool ways to tie them and wear them.
Here we all are with our Old Navy totes and accessories! These are perfect for Mom's on the go. They are stylish and hold lots! I love it. Sorry if I look crazy. I jumped in the picture at the last second...hehehe.
As you can see, Old Navy accessories are popular with the kids too! Check out one of our little ones sporting an Old Navy scarf! She's learning already! =)

as you can tell we had a blast. The only consensus we had was that the hat didn't look great on all of us and the purse was a little too small for our tastes. Actually it wasn't small enough for a clutch and not big enough for everything a mom on the go has to stuff in it! Either way we loved the party and thanks to Old Navy and Crowd Tap for letting me be a part of the Stylethon and share it with my friends!

Disclosure: I was provided with all these items by Old Navy and Crowdtap at no cost in exchange for sharing with my friends. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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