Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 tips for keeping my family safe on the road

Summer time is already here in my household and it's not because of the weather. It's because my husband will be deploying again soon so we have to hurry and get all our family time in before he leaves. So what does that mean? Road trips! We're not flying to any of our destinations, instead we are driving in the car. Sure gas prices are up but what can you do? I thought we were all set for some traveling until I read this startling fact:

Did you know that most automotive safety experts rank the windshield as a vehicle’s third most important safety component behind seatbelts and airbags? A properly installed windshield ensures the passenger-side airbag deploys properly and helps maintain a vehicle’s structural integrity in the event of a rollover. An improperly installed windshield could pop out during an accident. Without the windshield, a passenger can be thrown from the vehicle or struck by its collapsing roof - greatly increasing the chance of injury or death. 

Scary, right?!? It sure scared me. Thanks to Social Moms and Safelite AutoGlass I have been thinking about 10 things we do to ensure we are safe on the road.

 1. We make sure the car seats are installed correctly and are working properly. My husband is really great at doing this and we have even been to the fire dept. once or twice to make sure they are in correctly. For me this is the most important thing in keeping my kids safe.

2. Tune the car. I'm not talking about the radio stations! I'm talking about giving your car a tune-up. Checking the oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, the whole nine yards!

3. Update emergency equipment. I always have a first aid kit and emergency roadside kit in my car. Ours is actually pretty extensive. My husband is in the military and we have purchased some military survival extras to help keep us chem lights.

4. Food- Yeah I know that sounds strange but you never know when you might get stranded. of course being a military family our food consists of MREs (meals ready to eat) but hey, they never go bad!

5. gas can- Never know when you might run out of gas and have to trek to the next gas station to get some. sure we have roadside assistance but with this heat it might be quicker to get it yourself!

6. Limit noise in the car- this is one that we do while we are driving. the kids now use headphones for their electronic devices and are reminded to use inside voices. You need to be alert to all things around you and you have to be able to hear in order to be alert.

7. Be mindful of speed- I know we all want to get their quicker but you have to follow the rules. I'm not going to lie and say I always go under the speed limit but I do try to be really cognizant that I'm not going OVER the speed limit too much!

8. Watch for emergency vehicles and cars pulled over on the side of the road. This one is really a pet peeve of mine. In my state you have to pull over to the next lane if there is a vehicle, especially an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. Yes, you can only do this if there isn't a vehicle beside you but it makes plenty of sense. It keeps you and the people in those vehicles safe. I once saw a car almost hit a person who was getting out of their vehicle that was parked on the shoulder of the road.

9. Don't text and drive. I should also include use only hand free devices in the car but I always break that one. However, in most states, mine included, texting and driving is illegal. I can't believe all the reports I'm reading now about all the wrecks caused by this careless activity.

10. And this is a light one because I just saw it the other day. DON'T APPLY YOUR MAKEUP WHILE DRIVING!! Yes, I saw a woman putting on her entire face while driving, including Mascara!!! How the heck? I can't even do that well in front of a mirror in my bathroom!

So what are your tips for remaining safe on the road? I would love to hear them. We still have plenty more trips to take and I'm always open to new suggestions. Feel free to share with me in your comments. Here's a few that Safelite AutoGlass recommends to protect your windshield:

*Think you can ignore a chip in your windshield? Think again! The windshield provides up to 30% of your vehicles structural integrity, and a chip smaller than 6 inches (or the size of a dollar bill) can easily be repaired by filling it with a special resin.

*Forget do-it-yourself repair kits. The resin could easily shrink or yellow, lowering the quality of the repair. Safelite AutoGlass uses a patented repair process… A vacuum is created over the damaged area and the resin penetrates and fills the finest micro-cracks. The technician pulls off the vacuum changer and the UV light hardens the resin. Safelite’s resin is proven to be the strongest and longest lasting on the market.

About Safelite AutoGlass:
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  1. It is so important to get your child in their car seat safely. It drives me nuts to see people with babies in their car without them being properly strapped in! Parents, read the manual, please.

    :) Have a safe and fun summer, Emmi.

  2. I found your blog from the Social Moms site. I am a new follower :) You have great and practical advice for keeping yoour family safe in the car. I need to get an emergency kit. And I think MREs are a great thing to have in there, like you said they never go bad and will feed you in an emergency.
    Thank you for your husbands service to our country. I have great respect for military families. Will be praying for you guys.


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