Monday, May 2, 2011

What do you do when you have a tomboy?

Have you ever been called a tomboy? I was one when I was growing up and I was darn proud of it. I thought it was awesome not to wear dresses, to run around with the boys, and play sports. Who wanted to get dolled up, wear jewelry, put on makeup and prance around in shoes that hurt? NOT ME! And honestly that held true for most of my life!

UNTIL- I had a little girl. Now I want to "doll up" my three year old every chance I get. I want her to wear the cute dresses, have her hair done all cute, and prance around at tea parties. But does she want to wear girls dresses? Of course not! She wants to wear pants and tshirts and tennis shoes everyday! Where did the child come from? And then I remember- SHE'S JUST LIKE ME! It's making me realize that I can't change or mold my daughter into what I want her to be. I have to be happy with the way she is and if I'm truthful about the whole thing I love that she is just like me. We don't look that much alike but boy do we think and act alike! And what more could a mommy ask for?

So what do you other mommies think? Do you have a tomboy? Is it okay to have a tomboy? Is there anything wrong with a girl who is already scratching up her beautiful legs and playing with the boys? I just don't know what to think! I see her 4 year old friend wear dresses to school and here's a picture of my daughter dressing up:
At least she was matching!!

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  1. I was a tom boy from the sixth grade until the end of my eighth grade year. I wore popular boys shirts and hung around the boys mostly. I never wore makeup and i hated pink. I liked to go fishing and crawdadding. Once i started high school that all changed! Pink was my new favorite color and it still is to this day! My mom had worried in the eighth grade that i may be gay but im married with three sons and turns out my sister is the one that turned out being gay. well she isnt the guy type but she still likes girls! sexuality had nothing to do with it, I just liked being a tomboy at the time.

  2. Yes, at least she matches. My granddaughter rarely matches even when she does decide to dress girly. I was a tomboy but outgrew it in my teens. Tomboys are ok and girly girls are ok too!


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