Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smallville Series finale is this Friday!

Now I know some people are super excited about this and so am I. However, I'm excited for a reason that may be a little different than some. My husband is a Smallville fanatic and watches every episode! I was even responsible for DVRing them all when he was deployed. Lord forbid I miss one episode! As soon as he saw my email about Smallville he asked, "are you going to put that on your blog? you should!" So yes, Smallville is ending, for good, and I'm happy.

For all you Smallville fanatics I have a few goodies. First here's a clip (I didn't get it because I've never seen it)

And the big news:
To celebrate the series end Warner Bros, Digital Distribution is giving fans the chance to get FREE Downloads of all 10 season premieres in HD and discounts on seasons 1-9, now for a limited time on iTunes: Fortunately my husband already has them all! =)

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