Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Xyloburst Gum

I love to chew gum. I mean it's a quick and easy snack not to mention a breath saver when you're on the run..LOL. And I know I'm not the only one who loves to chew gum. So many people chew gum that companies are now making gum healthier for you. For instance, take Xyloburst, a company that is using the xylitol to help you keep you teeth clean and healthy! Read on to learn more.

There are many companies that offer sugar-free chewing gum and other sugar-free products. What many people do not realize is that most of these companies use artificial sweeteners. When it comes to your health there should be no compromise. All XyloBurst products are sweetened with 100% all-natural xylitol. With XyloBurst quality and good health come first. 

XyloBurst delivers just the right amount of Xylitol
Each piece of XyloBurst gum contains just over 1 gram of xylitol. Dental experts agree that consuming 6 to 8 grams of xylitol each day is the perfect amount for optimal dental health. By simply chewing 2 pieces of XyloBurst gum after each meal you can easily help improve your oral health in between brushing and flossing. 

My Take: My kids have just started learning how to chew gum. They aren't very good at it I must admit, so I wanted a gum to use with them that would have added benefits and less sugar. XyloBurst is perfect. First, I have to tell you I thought it was Christmas when I got my box from XyloBurst in the mail. It was full of all the wonderful XyloBurst products including all five flavors of the gum (peppermint, fruit, green tea, spearmint, and Cinnamon) and all four flavors of the mints (peppermint, watermelon, lemon and berry).

 Now what do I love about this product? First, the pieces of gum are the perfect little size. They aren't the sticks. They are the little rectangular pieces with the coated shell. You pop one or two in (I only use one with the kids) and after that first chew you get a burst of flavor. Now I'm not normally a fan of green tea but let me tell you, it was great. Using Xylitol as a natural sweetener was a perfect idea. The only thing that I didn't like is that I don't feel the flavor lasts that long compared to other gums. You do get an initial burst but then the more you chew the more it weakens. Also, it took us a while to get used to the flavor. In the beginning it was a little too strong but I think it's something you become accustomed to.
 The mints are also great. I just throw the tin in my purse and when the kids ask for candy I give them a mint. So far the watermelon is my favorite. I think the kids really like the berry or the peppermint the best. I love that they aren't that small so I don't have to worry about the kids just swallowing them. They are circular and for some reason it was just easier to suck on than other mints. I think it's because of the shape and size.

Buy it: XyloBurst can be purchased online. Right now you can purchase the 4pk, blister pack of gum (12 packs with 12 pieces of gum in each) for $13.99. The 100 count container is $8.99. The mints tin is $3.49 and the mints 250 count container is $8.99. This company is so sure you will love their gum that they will even send you free samples so you can try before you buy.

Disclosure: This product was provided to me by XyloBurst in exchange for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way. 

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