Monday, May 30, 2011

Identity Theft: Does it Scare it you?

Yes, I'm an avid blogger. (Obviously if you read my blog you know this...LOL). As a blogger I love to share great deals from many online stores. I've had a few people ask me if I actually buy anything from those stores. The answer is yes. Then I've had people ask me if I put in my credit card information and if I do, does identity theft worry me? The answer is: Honestly, I've never thought about it.

What do I know about identity theft? My most vivid recollection is of a Lifetime movie where this woman steals another woman's credit card and license and then takes over her entire life, including get a makeover to look just like the other woman. Now is that realistic? Yes, it was one of those "from the headlines" movies. Is that the norm? No. We all know that most of the time a person steals your identity and uses your information to buy stuff and ruin your credit.

So what do you do? Well, there are companies out there like IdentityHawk that are there to help protect your identity. IdentityHawk was created to help consumers safeguard their assets, their properties, and their good names. IdentityHawk gives you all the control. You are able to see where you need the most protection, get advice on how to update those areas and then be able to consistently monitor activity. Just what any person who is looking for identity theft protection is looking for!

Now you might wonder if this is something that I'm interested in. I can honestly say that my interest is peaked and I would love to learn more. I know that I am an online buyer I do want to do whatever I can to protect myself. One thing I currently do is try to use Paypal for purchases in order to curb using my credit card information. It seems like researching identity theft protection companies is the next logical answer. I'll keep you updated on what I find. Until then, what do you do to protect your identity??

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