Monday, May 16, 2011

Gas Coupons? #MurphyUSA has them!!

What is the most dreaded part of our week? Getting Gas! We had the perfect budget when my husband was deployed but now that he is back we're driving around two cars, doing lots of family activites and we even put the kids in daycare. Not to mention the price of gas continues to rise! BUT, you have to have gas to get around! So what do we usually do on the weekends? Look for a cheap place to fill up!

 This was a lazy Sunday for us but we still had some errands we needed to take care of before and after we made our gas run. First, we needed to hit Lowes for a few outdoor weed killer for our front lawn. There were lots of choices!

Since my son decided that he knew the perfect weed killer we decided to look for something a little safer for the kids to play with. We went over to the paint section and picked out some colors to paint their rooms. They thought the paint swatches were more fun as masks.

So after that quick trip, we hopped in the car and started the quest for cheap gas. Of course MurphyUSA usually has pretty cheap gas and I knew with the new promotion they are running in conjunction with Foursquare that we could get $2 off a $20 purchase of gas that works until May 17.  Hey with gas almost being $4 you can't beat that. The local MurphyUSA had gas for $3.79 (down from $3.84 earlier this week)
but I also took pictures of competing gas stations around to see how they compared. I was surprised to see that every gas station on this street all had gas for the same price!

 So anyways, when we pulled into MurphyUSA I grabbed my phone and checked into Foursquare. It was quite simple.
This was only the second time I have used Foursquare. The first time was with Lowes but I got 3points for checking in and then at the bottom you can see there are some specials. I knew about the gas special but there was also a coupon code for a free pack of Stride Gum! What a great surprise. At first I was a little concerned that I wouldn't know how to use this code but it was simple. First, Foursquare gives you the special "Get $2 off your gas purchase of $20 or more"! Then it gives you a simple direction: "tell cashier the coupon code...."! Simple. The only problem is you have to pre-pay in order to use your coupon and I am queen of paying at the pump, simply because I always have my kids with me. Luckily my husband was along so I ran inside to use my code. Yes, I said inside: this was one of the first MurphyUSAs that I have been to that you could actually go inside:
It was small but it was cute. I meant to take pics inside but I was too busy chatting with the cashier. She thought it was so cool that I had a coupon code to use and said she had never seen anyone else use them. So of course I had to explain Foursquare to her. She was quite impressed.

Then I came outside and snapped a few pics while my husband filled up:

I love these little TV screens with specials

caught this great deal on coke! Our favorite soda!

My receipt and free pack of gum...Uber Bubble-yummy!

Then we were off to our last stop. Of course the kids saw the gum and just had to have a piece. I didn't mind. It was free! I actually left the pack in my car so that I would have it for a treat for the kids. I told them I wanted to take a pic of them chewing gum and they wanted to make sure you could see the gum:

Our final stop was Food Lion, where I used FourSquare to check in. We quickly ran in and grabbed some necessities and some good deals and then headed home for lunch! What a productive day!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. If you would like more information about the MurphyUSA/foursquare check-in then please visit HERE. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Got to say that one of the reasons that I love MurphyUSA is that unlike other gas stations, there are great deals to be found there.


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