Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bling for your Pup from #dogcollarcharms

I'm sure a few of you have seen pictures of my puppy here on my blog before. He is always the first to the door when the UPS or FedEx people bring my packages so it's always nice to get him something special in the mail every now and then too. My latest gift for my puppy to review is a little bit of bling. My husband only lets me dress him on special occassions (rarely) but he does let me get cute tags for him. Thanks to Collective Bias and Dog Collar Charms I was able to create a super cute and personal charm for my big boy! =)

First a little bit about Dog Collar Charms. They are an online company that is striving to make a more personal charm for your special dog. These charms aren't the usual personalized or cute sayings charm. Instead they are actual photos that mean something to you and your dog. Lots of people choose photos of their family or of their kids with their dogs; you can choose anything or everything!

I want to share the process of making your own charm so you can see how easy it really is! First, take a look at Dusty with his charm:

Now: how to make your own charm.

First visit DogCollarcharms.com. Be sure to have a picture already loaded on your computer. I would suggest either making it black and white or sepia ahead of time. (currently the charms only print in sepia tone). I would also suggest getting a nice sharp and clear picture. The better the quality the better the image looks on the charm.

Next, click on "start now", right on the doggy bone (how cute)! You will be asked to upload your picture. After you upload your picture you will have the option to do some simple edits like zooming in and changing the contrast and brightness. After you get it perfect you will be able to choose the border color which will also be the color that is on the back of the glass charm. Finally you are taken to your cart where you can pay for your charm!

So how much does it cost? A very reasonable $24.95 and here's the best part. FREE SHIPPING! Yep, you don't have to pay shipping at all! And your charm is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Finally I must brag on the awesome customer service. I got a little too creative with my photo, adding borders and words before I uploaded it. As soon as I placed my order I quickly received an email with suggestions on how to make my charm better. Sara, the owner, even helped me revise my images and uploaded them for me for my charms. Below is a picture of the three charms I ordered. One is for Dusty and the other two or for some of his friends at the dog park. I'll be sharing a post on how other people reacted to the charms later this week so stay tuned!!

And if you want to see a step-by-step slideshow on how to make your own Dog Collar Charm then check out my ThisMoment slideshow:

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. oh that is cute and so is your puppers!

  2. oh my gosh these are so cute!! I have a friend that I know would love these for her puppy, I will definitely have to tell her about them!

    your pup is so cute ♥

  3. How Cute!! Thanks for this info :-)

  4. Cute! I'd like these for my kitties :D

  5. these are just too cute- they would be great for any "dog people"

  6. Those are sooooo cute! And as dog lovers, these would be perfect for us. The only problem is...how to choose just one?!!

  7. Those look really cute. We have two dogs and would love to get one of these for them!

  8. If only I had a doggie :-) I'll make sure to pass the info on to mu husband's aunt.

  9. These are cute! PERFECT for dog lovers, that is for sure. We had a Golden Retriever but she outgrew our home much to quickly... :(. This would have been a cool idea for her.

  10. Love that they contacted you, Emmi, to suggest improvements for what you uploaded. Many companies would just use what you provided, send it out and remind you that YOU uploaded it. Their customer service has been top-notch, eh?!

    Looking forward to the ThisMoment loading so I can check it out too!


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