Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you a Fashion Mommy?

I've always wanted to be a fashion mommy. A fashion mommy is a mother who takes the time to look good when she goes out with the kids, even if it's to the grocery store. I  must admit I'm the complete opposite. I go out looking like I just woke up. I at least shower and put on clothes but that's about as far as it goes....ok I do my hair sometimes. But as I'm shopping, I'm so envious of the mom with her hair and nails done, flawless makeup, great outfit and HEELS! Yes, heels. I remember opening the car door for a pregnant woman a few years ago. She was 6 months pregnant and she had on heels. My daughter was 6 months old and I had on sweats and flip flops!!

So now I'm trying to make a change. I've actually started buying makeup and trying to dress better. I've started looking at fashion names like Prada and Fendi. Can I afford them? Well, thanks to places like Bluefly and deal a day sites the answer is yes! But what do you look for?

I'm more of an accessory kind of girl. I look at the Prada shoes, the Michael Kors sunglasses, the fendi Handbags! I mean have you checked out Fendi handbags? They are gorgeous but they also cost an arm and a leg. These are definitely on my wish list. They have everything from cute clutches, to everyday bags and even large totes. And they come in lots of great colors. I just love that the colors are subtle and not too wild. That way you can buy one bag and it would match with almost everything. Above is a picture of one of my favorites!

So do you consider yourself a fashion mommy? If so, what's your secret? If not, do you want to be one? I would love some help. I'm getting ready to throw an accessory party for me and a few friends who also want to become fashion mommies. I'll let you know how it goes! =)

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